Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I had a dream!

On Monday (March 5th).. during my nap I had a dream. It was very weird and I will spare you all of the details but long story short in my dream I took a pregnancy test but I was never able to see the results. So I woke up in a panic sorta. I got ready and headed out to the store to get something for dinner and maybe Chinese food for lunch (don't judge). While I was in the car I called Mr.B and told him about my dream and we both thought it was crazy so I decided to get a take home test just to sooth my curiosity. Well I took my good ole' time shopping. I actually went to Wally world, then to Pathmark - then finally to the Chinese restaurant to get my lunch.
Once I got home I didn't worry too much about the pregnancy tests because I was starving! I put away my cold foods and then I ate! While eating I opened the tests and realized I wasn't due to get my period until the 9th. While reading the packet it said that I would be able to tell (First response) but sometimes people aren't able to tell due to low amounts of some hormone in your urine and if I was going to take it early I needed to take it first thing in the morning. I couldn't wait and if it was a negative I had another test to take first thing in the morning! I am inpatient in the worst way. I took it - I set it on the counter then I walked away. I told myself that I would NOT sit there and watch to be either disappointed or super scared. When I returned back to the bathroom I saw a faint faint faint line!!!!! EEEkKkkk!! Mr.B was on his way home from work - so I send him a picture then called (well because he was driving so I knew I needed to TELL him to look at the picture). He looked at it and said he couldn't really see the line. I say it was very very bad cell phone photography. So we talked for a minute and it was the longest hour waiting for him to get home. When he got home just to appease my faint line and maybe somehow I thought it would be easier to talk myself into it...I took another one and this sucker was there. No denying that line. The right one is the first test I took the left is the second. So I haven't told any of my family yet and only one of my friends who works at a hospital just to get her input because she is also pregnant and 4 months along.
Whats going to happen next.. Well as you all know I just moved to DE this summer - I haven't found an OBGYN here yet! So I decided to google and research. I called my Dr. back in Philly and she said I could come in and get blood work done to confirm but I don't want to wait until next week! ahem remember inpatient! So tomorrow after the flower show with my sister I am going to drag her to DE - STEAL her cell phone so she cant call anyone to tell them my secret then I am going to beg her to go to Planed Parenthood with me. Just so I can get the blood work done and know 100% sure that there is something growing in my belly. I have already called a local hospital/women center for an initial appointment (which they don't do blood work, until APRIL when I would see an actual DR not a nurse?????) That is set for Thursday if my blood work is positive and I have a Dr. apt scheduled for April - Lets hope this all goes well!


Since that last tid bit - it has been OVER a month! I am about 10 weeks and 4 days right now (Saturdays add another week for me) and I finally told all of my family & made it -facebook official- I am NOT enjoying all the pregnancy hormones, sickness and related things... But I know I am creating a life inside of me and I need to be humble and accept it and cherish these times. On that note. From weeks 5-NOW I have been experiencing ALL day sickness. Random throwing up or dry heaving. Lately very bad vertigo (dizziness). I have a nose of a champ & sometimes I hate it.
 I had a bit of a scare with spotting around the 25th of March so  I went to the hospital maternity triage - Mr.B wasn't able to be there (stupid stupid work wouldn't let him go) but I saw little BB for the first time & I was also able to hear the little suckers heart beat - 167 bpm.
We weren't allowed prints so I used the handy IPhone!

 I sobbed like a kid. It was an amazing feeling to know that our baby was A-okay and to finally see the little sucker! After that we had our first prenatal appointment April 2nd, the Dr. (whom is pretty frickin awesome) let us get another ultrasound so Mr.B could see BB for himself :) and she printed out a few photos for us!
This was one of the prints I just took the picture with my IPhone. You can see the big ole' head and nose!

It was amazing. I know we still have a few weeks to go before we will find out the gender but we are already planning a gender reveal party! We don't have a HUGE family but we are going to be inviting our family AND our close friends so we can all find out together.

Any Pregnancy tips? Gender reveal party ideas? Our next appointment is April 30th (13 weeks) and I'm supposed to go every 4 weeks - so the next time after that will be at 17 weeks... do you think thats too early to find out what the gender is?

Oh and for shits and giggles here is a picture. From like 10 minutes ago. With my little lime (my bible book says BB is about 2 inches long aka the size of a lime) belly.
I just look awkwardly bloated but anyone who knows me can tell its a bump in the making!