Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sometimes & Always

Why does blogger hate me?!! I just wrote an amazing post of my 4 day weekend & linked up for sometimes and always but blogger and I apparently aren't getting along (I don't know what I did to upset her). So I am not retyping it. I will just show you the photos and cry myself to sleep.

Me... Sunday I know it should have been in the last post. Maybe I'll edit it in :)

Photo Collage Part 1

Part 2, All I did was get ribbon and mini clothespins from AC Moore so BFF Bride to be will be able to re-use the photos

Her table and gifts :) I made the poms and the sign in the back


& just because I love to link up with Mackey Madness for sometimes&always I will try really really hard to remember them.

Sometimes: People really need a tongue lashing but I don't like upsetting people

Always: The truth hurts and people need to hear it!

Sometimes: I feel like I wish Mr.B & I had more 'us' time before Baby B comes along.

Always: Feels like our 'us' time is getting ready for the Baby and house/yard work :(

Sometimes: I feel like a needy wife

Always: Just love being loved.

That is all folks. Hopefully Blogger and I will be getting along tomorrow lots of love to all my new followers!!!

till then..

Sunday, June 24, 2012

21 Weeks

Well I was pretty absent from blogging her whole first trimester and half of her second so better late then never right? 

·         How far along are you? 21 Weeks ( we go ^ every Saturday)

·         Total weight gain: I go to the Dr. tomorrow for a check up where I can get the official but I think its about 11 lbs  

·         Gender : it’s a GIRL! 

·         How big is baby?: According to the Bump she the size of a pomegranate At 10.5 inches and about 12.7 ounces

·         Maternity clothes: I am wearing maternity bottoms for the most part. Last summer I lost a ton of weight so I gifted myself with new clothes and threw away all of my bigger sizes. HUGE mistake. I'm still in all of my own tanks (mostly stretchy ones from Old Navy)

·         Stretch marks?: None yet.  

·         Wedding rings on or off?: On but tight with the heat swelling & weight gain

·         Sleep: Isn't good. I try to fall asleep on my left side and it hurts because I sleep on it so often, so I’ll lay on my back or right side and my limbs fall asleep. So I am up tossing and turning ALL NIGHT

·         Best moment this week?: Finished painting her room!

·         Movement: I just started feeling her moving on the 18th.

·         Food cravings: I don’t feel as if I have any out of the ordinary cravings. When I am hungry for something its usually a home cooked meal but in this heat that’s a NO GO!

·         Food aversions: Oranges. Too much acid.

·         Labor signs: Nope. Cramping but I think its just me growing

·         Belly button in or out?:  In.

·         What I miss: Comfortable sleep

·         What I'm looking forward to: Hearing her little heart beat tomorrow

·         Milestone: Feeling her moving around

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday's Letters

I've never linked up with Ashley over from Adventures of Newlyweds but I am excited to this week!!

Dear Baby B, I love you and I haven't even met you yet. I'm so excited that your a little girl, you will for sure be spoiled and I can bet you will have Daddy wrapped around your finger in no time. Dear Hubby, Sometimes I wish you would understand more about this pregnancy but as scary as it is for you it is also as scary for me. We will work on it together. Dear Work, I love you and I know what I need to do - I'm just really scared. Dear Fur Babies, You guys are so cute & will always be my babies. Oscar instead of kissing my face off the other morning you were giving my belly licks. I know Baby B loved it because she was dancing away. Layla, you will be a great big sister you are so gentle and always want to cuddle. Jessie Pug you scare me with being so hyper but you're already understanding to stay away from certain baby things we already have. You will learn quickly. You three better not steal the baby toys! Dear Family, THANK you for all of your support I know I am  demanding impatient  but I know as perfect as I want everything you do too.

If you guys link up let me know!!! I would LOVVVE to read your letters!


Thursday, June 21, 2012


My job. I have told you guys before that I am a firefighter. I LOVE my job. I love helping people, I love my coworkers, I have ONLY ever been a firefighter outside of high school. I have taken a few college classes but with my current schedule I haven't been able to go back..

So let me try to explain a little bit. I work a 24 hour shift. For example a normal work shift is 7am (today, the 21st ) until 7am (tomorrow, the 22nd) then I am off from 7:01am (tomorrow, the 22nd) until 7am (the 23rd) get it? Every 8 days (4 shifts) I get two days off in a row and every month and a half I get a 4 day weekend. Whew. I know its confusing but it is important for sound advice you see HOW much I actually work. Basically its 144 hours every two weeks. My husband who is also a firefighter (different departments, Hes a state employee while I am a federal employee) is going to 24 hour shifts also! His shift is a ton better (in my opinion) he will work 24 on and 48 off... I am about an hour and 15 minute commute one way and my husbands is about 10 minutes. The only tuff part is the federal system you make a ton more then you make state side. Easy part is we will survive on his pay, bad part is it wont be the lifestyle we currently live.

When BB (Baby B.) gets here I will be taking off work for about 4 months. & I KNOW with my schedule and my husbands it will be IMPOSSIBLE for one of us to return to work. Without putting BB into daycare for HOURS AND HOURS. I don't want to go back. I know its hard, its scary, its 5 years in the federal system waisted. Its a lot of things that I think about a lot It festers inside of me I need someone to tell me this is okay. My husband is worried about financial reasons - -Heck I AM TOO BABE. I just know it will be better for me as a MOTHER, as a wife and it will eventually make me into a better person.

Now for the PLAN. I am currently looking for jobs closer to home, State or Federal. I would prefer a federal so I can transfer all of my benefits rather then throwing them away. I want to look into going back to school. The military will pay for it so Its no worry & I will have a much better schedule if I'm closer to home doing a job that isn't as stressful and involved as firefighting. I will be able to cook dinner for my husband every night (pshhh) I will be able to hold my baby girl every day! Feed her and play with her. Hopefully I can find something within the next 7 months (Due in Nov + 3 months maternity).

So I know this is a long one and I am not looking for sympathy because I have already given myself enough of it :] How did working mothers do it? I know I am in a completely different situation with my job and schedule but some encouragement is needed so I can start my hunt and feel better about it.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hello again.. anyone there?

Oh my goodness! Talk about being such a long time ago that I announced my pregnancy! I have been overwhelmed and side tracked and thought about everything except writing on my blog! & for that my friends I am sorry. I have still been reading (no..no commenting just reading) I am here to tell you now that it is hot out I will be spending much more time in front of the computer with a tall glass of ice water.

Update? Oh you want an update!? Well sure I will do just that in bullets.

  • I am 20 weeks (21 on Saturday)
  • We found out 2 weeks ago that this alien is a GIRL
  • We are currently working on the nursery MINIMAL pink
  • I am in LOVE with monogrammed
  • ANYONE KNIT? I need your help!!! Comment here!
  • Lots of people ask how I can be a firefighter and pregnant - easy a Fire Department needs more then just FIREFIGHTERS. Ive been 'riding' a desk and working inspections and codes
  • Most all of my early pregnancy symptoms have gone away THANK YOU JESUS
  • I am on the hunt for a new Guard unit (I currently LOATH the one I am at in AC)
  • I am also on the hunt for a new JOB.. I love my job but I just don't know...that's a whole post kinda discussion
I think that is all. Really.
Baby B before we knew the gender!
My awesome Old Navy dress that SHRUNK :(

Gender Reveal cake that my friend PUNKED me with. It was layered Blue and Pink!!! HOLY NOT FUNNY
She had a backup Purple cake

Myself, Nicole and Jen
All friends from HS
All still pretty close
Nicole & Jen are both due in Aug!

I have tons more photos but I will spare you! Unless you want to see them of course :) Well Kids until next time.... I promise you wont have to wait so long!