Sunday, June 24, 2012

21 Weeks

Well I was pretty absent from blogging her whole first trimester and half of her second so better late then never right? 

·         How far along are you? 21 Weeks ( we go ^ every Saturday)

·         Total weight gain: I go to the Dr. tomorrow for a check up where I can get the official but I think its about 11 lbs  

·         Gender : it’s a GIRL! 

·         How big is baby?: According to the Bump she the size of a pomegranate At 10.5 inches and about 12.7 ounces

·         Maternity clothes: I am wearing maternity bottoms for the most part. Last summer I lost a ton of weight so I gifted myself with new clothes and threw away all of my bigger sizes. HUGE mistake. I'm still in all of my own tanks (mostly stretchy ones from Old Navy)

·         Stretch marks?: None yet.  

·         Wedding rings on or off?: On but tight with the heat swelling & weight gain

·         Sleep: Isn't good. I try to fall asleep on my left side and it hurts because I sleep on it so often, so I’ll lay on my back or right side and my limbs fall asleep. So I am up tossing and turning ALL NIGHT

·         Best moment this week?: Finished painting her room!

·         Movement: I just started feeling her moving on the 18th.

·         Food cravings: I don’t feel as if I have any out of the ordinary cravings. When I am hungry for something its usually a home cooked meal but in this heat that’s a NO GO!

·         Food aversions: Oranges. Too much acid.

·         Labor signs: Nope. Cramping but I think its just me growing

·         Belly button in or out?:  In.

·         What I miss: Comfortable sleep

·         What I'm looking forward to: Hearing her little heart beat tomorrow

·         Milestone: Feeling her moving around

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