Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sometimes & Always

Why does blogger hate me?!! I just wrote an amazing post of my 4 day weekend & linked up for sometimes and always but blogger and I apparently aren't getting along (I don't know what I did to upset her). So I am not retyping it. I will just show you the photos and cry myself to sleep.

Me... Sunday I know it should have been in the last post. Maybe I'll edit it in :)

Photo Collage Part 1

Part 2, All I did was get ribbon and mini clothespins from AC Moore so BFF Bride to be will be able to re-use the photos

Her table and gifts :) I made the poms and the sign in the back


& just because I love to link up with Mackey Madness for sometimes&always I will try really really hard to remember them.

Sometimes: People really need a tongue lashing but I don't like upsetting people

Always: The truth hurts and people need to hear it!

Sometimes: I feel like I wish Mr.B & I had more 'us' time before Baby B comes along.

Always: Feels like our 'us' time is getting ready for the Baby and house/yard work :(

Sometimes: I feel like a needy wife

Always: Just love being loved.

That is all folks. Hopefully Blogger and I will be getting along tomorrow lots of love to all my new followers!!!

till then..

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  1. The truth totally hurts sometimes but I'm with you that some things just need to be said. Really cute blog (and cute baby bump!!)