Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Fun Packed Weekend + Sometimes & Always

I know blogging about the weekend.. on a Tuesday. So sue me! I had such a great weekend On Saturday I went with 2 of my girlfriends to the Miranda Lambert concert at the Delaware State fair. It was amazing. Miranda Live is simply amazing. 
The Girls and I in front of Casa D' 'B'
Mrs.Shelton... AMAZING

I was teaching the girls how to relieve swamp ass - keeping it classy

Pistol Annies

YES it was an amazing night. I was completely exhausted and sore once I got home but it was totally worth it do be able to see one of the most amazing artists.

On Sunday Mr.B and I went to the Philadelphia Union game... this is  nothing special we go to most all of their games. My Father and I share season tickets but this is the first time Patrick and I tailgated the game. Like with a few people and I had an OKAY time, Mr.B on the other hand had a blast. We were with a few of his friends from work and their girlfriends. It was like a high school make out party. Its a wonderful feeling to be young and in a new relationship but there is a place and a time for a  XXX make out session. In a parking lot full of other people is not one of them.

Mr.B and I... hes a bit on the tipsy side. No worries I drove! :]

On Monday we went to the OB... It was a nice visit. I have gained a total of 20 lbs (at 26 wks 2 days). Dr.P says I am right on track, and that I could comfortably gain another 7 - 12 lbs. After hearing that yesterday I went on a nice long walk... 40 minutes worth of walking + a bruised toe and three blisters later I decided I need new shoes and I just thought about how lucky I am. I have an amazing family, a husband that I adore (on most days lol) and I am pregnant with a very healthy little girl whose heart beat is 156BMP. I am so blessed. 

Today I am at work and off tomorrow and Thursday and have dinner plans with the hubbys coworker and his new girlfriend (whom I actually like). Cant wait!

Now for Linking up with Megan with Sometimes & Always with Mackey Madness.

Sometimes: I feel so much guilt being lazy because I have so much to do!
Always: Justify a break. I am housing a baby that us sucking the life out of me.

Sometimes: I get SO MAD at my dogs!
Always: Yell at them when they are bad, ignore them for 3 minutes then give them cuddles I love them

Sometimes: I search for 'normal' jobs and hope someone will come out of the darkness and offer me something good, because no college degree means "would you like fries with that".
Always: Am so hard on myself. I need to try to put myself out there more.
((Anyone wanna hire a girl whose only real job has been a firefighter))

Till next time 

P.S. Anyone out there update Blog pages?! I need some umpf on this thing!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

26 Weeks!!

· How far along are you? 26 Weeks ( we go ^ every Saturday) 13 weeks left!!!
· Total weight gain: Last time I weighed myself I was 195 (lastnight) :-(
· Gender : it’s a GIRL! & her name is Skyler
· How big is baby?: She is between 13.6 & 14.8 inches & 1.5 to 2.5 pounds

· Maternity clothes: LOTS of dresses. Because they are comfy and I am miserable lol
· Stretch marks?: Nada!! I read it has a lot to do with genetics and my Momma said that she only got very light ones and not a lot at all. I'm hoping I'm as lucky as her!
· Wedding rings on or off?: I have my fakey that I wear when we go out or if I go to a work meeting.
· Sleep: Is wonderful when I get it. When Its good I don't want to wake up. I want to sleep ALL THE TIME!
· Best moment this week?: Best moment... Oh my Dad went into surgery he told EVERYONE about his first grandbaby. Right while they were wheeling him out of the waiting area he rubbed my belly. I could have cried my eyes out but I kept my composure until I got into my car. Then it was game over. 
· Movement: Lots. Shes an animal I'm tellin ya!

· Food cravings: french fries. mac and cheese!
· Food aversions: Grapes. Things that make me have indigestion.

· Labor signs: None at all.

· Belly button in or out?: In. Hopefully it stays that way.

· What I miss: Going to amusement parks

· What I'm looking forward to: The 4D ultrasound! + I cant believe its already almost August! 

· Milestone: Week 26! It's amazing to be so far along in this pregnancy 6 and half months. Its crazy. Completely Crazy. I love this little girl so much already. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday's Letters

Today I'm linking up with Ashley from Adventures of Newlyweds for Friday's Letters!! 

google images ryan gosling

Dear Jenny: Your in labor right now. TWO weeks early I am so stinkin excited for you and John. I can not wait to meet baby Jack and give him all the lovin' I can! Dear Husband: I love how cute you are in the morning while you're still 1/2 asleep and I go to give you kisses. You fight it so much but that little smirk on your face melts my heart. Dear DOGS: You three have been incredibly bad the past few weeks and I have had it up to my eye balls. I have tried about everything I can think of except putting diapers on you and taping your mouths shut (I would never but Its bad people). Dear Skyler: We go to the Doctor on Monday. I am DREADING to see the weight on the scale... I just want this to be known that I'm gaining all of this weight because I love you SO MUCH already! Dear Ryan Gosling: I have been watching a ton of your movies lately. I love to look at you. Dear Friends: I have come to the conclusion that I love getting snail mail. If you do too leave me a comment or email (christine.kohler85@gmail.com)  with your address + birthday & once I write it down I will erase your comments and I will send you a once in a while card. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Dad

I mentioned the other day that my Dad was getting surgery. A little back story... before I was born (I'm 26) my Dad worked for a tree cutting company. One day he fell out of a tree and it resulted in him breaking his hip. At the time they thought that they could pin it with pins and screws and keep it together but that was a no go so they opted for a replacement. At the time they offered plastic replacements and they were recommended for up to 10 years. 

Now fast forward to January ishhhh.. he started getting this awful unbearable cramping ( I mean he's had cramping for pretty much the last 10 years but this was a number 17 of the 1-10 scale!). He chalked it up to being on his leg too long or over working himself. So one day my sister found the original Dr who preformed the surgery (Who by the way is the orthopedic surgeon for the  Philadelphia 76ers) and secretly called him to set up an appointment for my Dad. Dad was PISSED. He cussed and threatened to call and schedule my sister all sorts of appointments she wouldn't like. It was actually VERY funny to see a 55 year old man act that way over a measly little doctors appointment. Well X-rays were taken, appointments were rescheduled due to the 76ers making it into the playoffs & the Dr needed to travel, exams were had referrals were given and it all boiled down to surgery on Monday. It isn't a replacement of the replacement, it was a refurbish kinda surgery of the 26 year old hip replacement.

I've never seen my Dad so scared in his life. He looked like a lost puppy I wanted to hold him and tell him everything would be OKAY. Fact is, I wasn't scared of the surgery.. I was/am scared of the recovery. I am scared that even though he now has his refurbished hip that he will still be in pain. Today some of that fear went away when the Physical Therapist came in to talk to him while I was hanging out with him. He said that most people are up and about after 2 weeks with a walker and then using a cane for the next few months until all his muscle (where the incision was) is repaired. In about a month he will be allowed to drive again and if all goes well he will be back to "normal" in 3 months. I'm really hoping he heeds the hospital and doctors warnings, advise and takes it easy. He was already in the hospital bed doing work from his laptop! Luckily he can work from home.. so that burden is off his shoulders (and my Moms) I will be on baby sitting duty my days off so look for more Dad updates. 

Oh the ISH my Dad says while hopped up on pain meds makes me laugh so hard I was crying! I wish I could video tape him. 


Sunday, July 22, 2012


Showers as in .... Thunderstorms, Bridal showers & Baby showers!

This week I have had some kind of hand in each of them! Here on the East coast we have been having some wild weather. It will go from high 90's + humidity then go to mid 70's low humidity... and rain all afternoon. It has made for a very interesting weather report. I'm not going to lie if the weather stayed in the mid/upper 70's the rest of the summer I would be happier then a pig in crap. It was beautiful. Chilly enough to actually head outside for a walk! Speaking of which today I set an alarm on my phone for a daily walk since I have had major working out phobia. I will go for a walk one day then spend 3 days sleeping the day away. Then all of the sudden feel like I need to walk again. So this will be a daily reminder. No excuses, unless my body physically says "NO!", at least I cant say "I forgot".

This week I also went to a Bridal shower for my high school friend Lisa! It was beautiful! I got some practice time in with her little niece, Elizabeth. She is as cute as a button. & she has the meanest low crawl!

Now for Baby Showers... I have a really good friends Baby shower the first weekend in August which is a guy & gal shower. My first ever mixed company shower I can not wait to see how it turns out. Shes also having a little girl, I already called dibs on hand me downs :)
My Mom sent out my shower invites this week! Kinda early but with my Dad going in for surgery she wanted to clear her plate.
We printed them for free at On To Baby I love them!

Well if that isn't enough on the 'shower front' then I'm sure if you check back in a few weeks I will have more updates preparing for my own with my mom & sisters + my friends coming up!!

Dads hip replacement is tomorrow... So I may be MIA this week!


Week 25!!

· How far along are you? 25 Weeks ( we go ^ every Saturday) 14 weeks left!!!
· Total weight gain: Weighed myself at home this morning and I was 192
· Gender : it’s a GIRL! & her name is Skyler
· How big is baby?: She is between 13.6 & 14.8 inches & 1.5 to 2.5 pounds!
· Maternity clothes: Still the same. Mostly maternity bottoms (unless they are gym shorts) and 99.8% my pre-pregnancy tops

· Stretch marks?: Nada. I'm praying I don't get any OR many. Here is to hoping!

· Wedding rings on or off?: I have my fakey that I wear when we go out or if I go to a work meeting.

· Sleep: It stinks. I cant get comfortable & when I do fall asleep I wake up like 5 times a night tossing and turning + a go numb in some places (legs, arms & hands) Sometimes I sleep through the night those are good nights!

· Best moment this week?: She is moving like crazy!!! A few days ago I thought I barley felt her but the following day I made notice to every little move and she's in there going to town!

· Movement: Tons at night and sometimes during the day when I'm sitting at my desk.
· Food cravings: french fries. like all the time.

· Food aversions: Oranges. Still.

· Labor signs: None at all.
· Belly button in or out?: In. I can tell its stretching though. I don't want an outtie!

· What I miss: Cool weather.

· What I'm looking forward to: Tons of things.. First is my Dr. appointment on the 30th of this month.

· Milestone: The 25th week! Its so exciting progressing. Shes moving a TON which is also exciting.

My friend Jess and I at Lisa's Bridal Shower 25 weeks!


Friday, July 20, 2012

Operation Shower

I'm pretty stoked right now... Well for a few reasons. My Momma and Poppa sent out my Baby shower invitations!!! 26 August. I CAN NOT WAIT!!! We are making major changes over at the B Residence! I am going to take photos and dedicate a whole post to the changes, but for now I am going to tell you about this AMAZING opportunity for Military Mommas!!

I get this email maybe like two weeks ago asking for new military moms, or first time military moms who have experienced a deployment recently Or a spouse of a member who is disabled. Its scheduled for 22 August in Farmingdale NY. I look at my work schedule.. I look at Mr.B's work schedule and it turns out we both have the 21st and 22nd off. I quickly research this Operation Shower to make sure its legit and not a scam. Man oh man what I found was amazing! This charity goes out of their way for military moms to give them something very special before (or very soon after) their babies enter this wonderful America. Once I was done with the research I emailed this woman Amy. She got back to me after spending the week in Chicago at another shower and she tells me all the info. I couldn't accept the invitation ANY SOONER. I have been facebook & twitter stalking them and the theme for the shower I'm attending is a book shower. I can NOT wait.

I have a dilemma I need an outfit. Now being that I don't have tons of cash to spend on a 'fancy' maternity dress (the event is being hosted at the PGAs Barclays - HUGE golf event) PLUS I want to take tons of pictures of Mr.B and I. He doesn't know this yet - He will eventually find out.. duh. ANY other Mil Spouses going? Anyone from the Long Beach NY area wanna meet up for lunch, or can give us any recommendations?! I hear there are TONS of really bad ass light houses on the NY coast. I am so excited. As if you couldn't tell.

Its going to be an amazing Baby Moon for Mr.B and I + its something fun to surround ourselves with other Mil Mommas due around the same time!  

We are going to be getting the formal invitation this week sometime I will update with photos. Until then CLICK on the Operation Shower link & follow them on twitter and facebook they host these events ALL OVER the US! Or maybe you or someone you know could help support thier cause!


Friday's Letters

 Linking up with Ashley for Friday's Letters
Dear Mr.B : It made me  so excited this week when you put your hands on my belly and tried to feel Sklyer kicking. She was being stubborn like her Mamma and not kicking for you but soon enough... I know it will happen. Dear Dad: You have surgery on Monday - a hip replacement. Don't worry your girls will take care of you. We love you! Dear Bloggers : I have been talking to more and more of you & I LOVE IT! We should talk more often. Dear Home: I adore the way you've been coming together. You are quite expensive lately though... hopefully we are knocking all of this out before baby comes. Dear Skyler: You are a dancing machine! I'm pretty sure you are in there just reminding me that your still growing. Finally Dear exercise: You and I haven't gotten along AT ALL during the past few months. I can feel it in my muscles. I don't like the feeling but we both know I am stubborn and I will get back into the swing of things. You cant stop me for too long.


Sunday, July 15, 2012

24 Week Update + a bit of ranting

· How far along are you? 24 Weeks ( we go ^ every Saturday) 15 weeks left!!!
· Total weight gain: Weighed myself at home this morning and I was 191 

· Gender : it’s a GIRL! & her name is Skyler

· How big is baby?: According to the Bump she the size of a Cantaloupe. 10.5-11.8 inches & 12.7 - 20.8 ounces! 

· Maternity clothes: Still the same. Mostly maternity bottoms (unless they are gym shorts) and 99.8% my pre-pregnancy tops

· Stretch marks?: Nada. I'm praying I don't get any OR many. Here is to hoping!

· Wedding rings on or off?: I have my fakey that I wear when we go out or if I go to a work meeting.

· Sleep: Has been getting better. I swear I am like a 2 year old wanting naps every afternoon. I let myself have them though because I know once this little girl comes shes going to give me a run for my money!

· Best moment this week?: She is moving like crazy!!! A few days ago I thought I barley felt her but the following day I made notice to every little move and she's in there going to town! 

· Movement: Tons

· Food cravings: Not anything in particular but I am ALWAYS hungry it feels like/

· Food aversions: Oranges. Still.

· Labor signs: None at all. 

· Belly button in or out?: In. I can tell its stretching though. I don't want an outtie!!! My pregnancy belly ring came in and I am not going to change it until I must!

· What I miss: Cool weather. 

· What I'm looking forward to: Humm... July 30th is the next Dr. appointment and then there is a August 15th 4D ultrasound! & the 26th is my husbands birthday & the baby shower!

· Milestone: The 24 week mark!! Its so exciting to progress week to week. I love it. I love feeling her moving around. 

    So Mr.B and I are dragging our feet with this dresser project that we need to do. I want him and his buddies to get it out of the babies room so we can go out side and sand/primer/paint but he says its entirely too heavy and that we should just use a tarp and do it in Skylers room. This may sound fantastic but ALL I can picture is a crap ton of dust and me cleaning everything up. I guess if I let him do it his way though it will get done faster. Anyone ever paint a dresser? Any tips? I've read to sand enough to get the shiny coat off of the wood then it will be good to go for primer. Come on people I need motivation. ((UPDATE:: I just vented to Mr.B & he told me to stay home from work tomorrow and we could work on it - do I feel a cold coming along?))

    In my getting bigger stages I defiantly feel more irritated and less mobile. I don't like to bend over and heaven forbid I wear shoes that I need to tie. My goodness. I feel my face getting puffy I know it is baby related so I don't want you guys to think I am complaining about carrying a life inside of me but I'm just so not used to this.  

    I've also been thinking a lot about my career and school during the past week. I told my husband there is no way I want to go back to work where I currently am unless we absolutely NEED the money. I am am about 9 credits away from an associates in Fire Science and I'm planning on going to talk to someone from administration this week. I need to figure out what I need to do and what they would recommend for me to finish it up. Heck maybe I can take one online course this fall. Once I get back into the swing of going to school I think it will be easier to take more classes. Kinda backwards having a kid THEN going back to school... So much going through my head. I'm scared as heck with all these things looming over me. My career, this baby, the house work, going back to school.... It's a TON to think about but I know it will make me a better person & mom in the long run. 


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blogger Meet Up?!

Ladies!!! So I'm not sure I am the perfect blogger to plan this but I'm hoping for someone to step up and help. I have about 50 blogs on my feed that I read daily. I notice a lot of them are from the South or from the West Coast. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the South and the thought of visiting the West Coast excites me...but I want to try to get us East Coast ladies together for a fun day & lunch date?! Who thinks this is an amazing idea? I am from the Philadelphia/Delaware area and I know there are a few from NYC, Maryland and DC.. maybe we could all meet up some where New York, Philadelphia DC? If anyone wants to help me try to put this together? Blog about it? Get more people interested in it? PLEASE let me know what you think!!!

Thanks all

Summer Swap!!!

So a few weeks ago one of my favorite bloggers Flip Flops & Combat Boots announced she was going to host a blog summer swap! There was a 20$ limit not including shipping. I am always reluctant to do swaps because I'm a scardy cat... but I also LOVE them because its a way to connect with bloggers all over the world and it really helps create friendship rather then just a behind the scenes blog creeper status. Don't get me wrong people I am totally that creeper sometimes so scared to comment or get in touch with some people. I was VERY lucky to be partnered with Mel over at Head in the Game, Heart in the sand.

She was very creative and emailed me this super cute survey, so of course I replied with one. Once we talked and I got her survey I could totally see myself sitting in the hills of Colorado drinking a glass of wine with this lady (well once little Skyler is evicted). She seems like the type of person I could be -real life- friends if only the cool ones didn't live across country? Huh? Well I am not going to keep on talking about her YOU GO READ HER blog and learn to love her, because she is awesome! Mel :]

(sorry for the crap IPhone pic & that's my work Target bedding don't judge)

So what was in my package you may ask?!
Laffy Taffys (which didn't last long)
An Old Navy reusable bag. I don't know how she knew I use these like they are going out of style.
The most amazing lip gloss (MEL where did you get it?!)
RED nail polish... I love red. Its my favorite color, its classy on your nails its fun & professional!
(I totally got her a reddish nail polish too - told ya we can be real friends)
A little card holder. I don't have my own cards - but I'm using it for my cards that don't fit in my wallet but still carry around.
Two cute pens (the guys at work wont steal these ones!)
Emery boards & a perfume sample
+ a cute note.

I love everything in it and THANK YOU SO MUCH MEL! The gifts were amazing and I really hope you liked the things I sent to you!

Tomorrow I am going to work on re-painting Skylers dresser any re-painting tips?!


Saturday, July 7, 2012

23 Weeks

So I noticed I've been a bit on the lacking side here! I am sorry this is turning into a weekly bump update + link up blog! I am going to try to work on a few posts I've been thinking about tomorrow while its incredibly hot here on the great East coast! 

Without further adieu 

· How far along are you? 23 Weeks ( we go ^ every Saturday) 16 weeks left to go!!
· Total weight gain: Still hovering around 186-190lbs. 

· Gender : it’s a GIRL! & her name is Skyler

· How big is baby?: According to the Bump she the size of a Grape fruit (they are gross!) 10.5 to 11.8 inches long! & 12.7 to 20.8 ounces! 

· Maternity clothes: Still the same. Mostly maternity bottoms (unless they are gym shorts) and 99.8% my pre-pregnancy tops

· Stretch marks?: None yet. But I did notice today I have a bruise on my belly and I don't remember where the heck it came from! I am wracking my brain...

· Wedding rings on or off?: I have taken them off. Weight gain + swelling + summer = chubby fingers. I went to Kohls today to buy a replacement cheap-o ring and I got this nifty sterling silver band. Very simple, very plain 55% off & I love it.

· Sleep: Is good when its not ungodly hot outside. Finally found a comfortable way to lay. 

· Best moment this week?: Feeling her moving around. I think shes going to be a little soccer star! 

· Movement: Shes on a roll. I love it. Tickling me from the inside.

· Food cravings: Nope. Just some real food. Fast food goes right through me. 

· Food aversions: Oranges. Still.

· Labor signs: None at all. 

· Belly button in or out?: In. I can tell its stretching though. I don't want an outtie!!! I also ordered a pregnancy belly button ring. Don't judge me lol 

· What I miss: Cool weather. 

· What I'm looking forward to: Planning the baby shower with my parents and sisters!

· Milestone: I'm not really sure I hit one this week. Time is flying by and I'm loving it. I suppose announcing what her name was is a pretty big milestone!

(I haven't taken 23 week photos yet!! Im at work today and going to a baby shower tomorrow so Hopefully I will get one posted soon)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Fridays Letters

Today I'm linking up with Ashley over at Adventures of Newlyweds for her Friday Letters!
The BFF & I getting some decorations up in the Little Miss' room :)

Dear Husband, I love you more then I can describe but if you leave the closet doors open while the AC is on one more time I will kick your butt. Dear Momma, Poppa and Sisters thank you for putting together the Baby Shower and not yelling at me because I want to know everything about it. After the wedding shower & reveal party I don't know if I can go through another surprise type party. Dear Delaware weather... I know you are not the only state going through this craptastic heat wave but hows about you wave yourself on outs here. Tomorrow 102 + humidity is not fun for this prego. Dear SKYLER, I LOVE to feel you moving. Someone asked me to describe it and I could only think of it as being tickled from the inside. Kinda creepy huh? I know soon your going to out grow your little play area but while you this small fluttering around Im going to enjoy it. We will talk again in a month or so I'm sure I wont be singing the same tune. Dear weight, So far its been a very good fluctuation between 186 and 190 I know its water weight and swelling and all for the baby but I dread the day (if OR when) I see 200lbs on that scale. The Dr. isn't concerned about it, neither am I just know after this baby is evicted so are you! Finally Dear Puppies, I think your kisses heal. Somehow you guys know exactly what I feel and know when I need extra lovin.


22 Weeks

How many of you told the blogger world your babys name before he/she was born? We dicided on her name!!

· How far along are you? 22 Weeks ( we go ^ every Saturday) 17 weeks left to go!!

· Total weight gain: My Dr. appointment was cancelled last week because my Dr. was feeling sick. So its rescheduled for Monday at 230! I'd say ABOUT 13lbs... though it fulxuates through out the day. UPDATE! its 14lbs. I was close! I'm at 190. I know its for the baby but man is that a tough number to like.

· Gender : it’s a GIRL!

· How big is baby?: According to the Bump she the size of a Papaya! 10.5-11.5 inches & ranging from 12.7-20.8 oz

· Maternity clothes: Still the same. Mostly maternity bottoms (unless they are gym shorts) and 99.8% my pre-pregnancy tops

· Stretch marks?: None yet. Thank you JESUS! 

· Wedding rings on or off?: I have actually taken them off recently. Its been 100+ degrease here with humidity 60%+ So with weight gain, heat swelling & retaining water I've have some pretty mean sausage fingers! I plan on wearing them when we go out places but at home and work I'm keeping them off

· Sleep: Has not been good. I am tossing and turning most of the night. Along with getting up to use the restroom. blahh. Though while Im at work I am able to take a nap during my lunch break so that helps out a ton & when Im home I am usually in bed or able to relax enough to not need a nap.

· Best moment this week?: Mr.B got his new work schedule and we were able to schedule our 4D ultrasound Aug 15th

· Movement: Her kicks are getting stronger, You still cant feel them outside of the belly but trust me they are there! I was stuck in traffic yesterday with the sun beating on my belly and man was she going wild. She is definatly most active at night though.

· Food cravings: I have been wanting sweet things. Like cakes and cookies

· Food aversions: Oranges. Still.

· Labor signs: Nope. Cramping but I think its just me growing

· Belly button in or out?: In. But I took out my belly ring. I was thinking about getting one of those pregnancy ones just to keep it open and we will decide eventually if Im going to keep it in or not.

· What I miss: My Summer clothes 

· What I'm looking forward to: Picking up her crib & putting it all together! && Buying ALL things monogramed

· Milestone: Feeling her moving :] Deciding on her name