Saturday, July 28, 2012

26 Weeks!!

· How far along are you? 26 Weeks ( we go ^ every Saturday) 13 weeks left!!!
· Total weight gain: Last time I weighed myself I was 195 (lastnight) :-(
· Gender : it’s a GIRL! & her name is Skyler
· How big is baby?: She is between 13.6 & 14.8 inches & 1.5 to 2.5 pounds

· Maternity clothes: LOTS of dresses. Because they are comfy and I am miserable lol
· Stretch marks?: Nada!! I read it has a lot to do with genetics and my Momma said that she only got very light ones and not a lot at all. I'm hoping I'm as lucky as her!
· Wedding rings on or off?: I have my fakey that I wear when we go out or if I go to a work meeting.
· Sleep: Is wonderful when I get it. When Its good I don't want to wake up. I want to sleep ALL THE TIME!
· Best moment this week?: Best moment... Oh my Dad went into surgery he told EVERYONE about his first grandbaby. Right while they were wheeling him out of the waiting area he rubbed my belly. I could have cried my eyes out but I kept my composure until I got into my car. Then it was game over. 
· Movement: Lots. Shes an animal I'm tellin ya!

· Food cravings: french fries. mac and cheese!
· Food aversions: Grapes. Things that make me have indigestion.

· Labor signs: None at all.

· Belly button in or out?: In. Hopefully it stays that way.

· What I miss: Going to amusement parks

· What I'm looking forward to: The 4D ultrasound! + I cant believe its already almost August! 

· Milestone: Week 26! It's amazing to be so far along in this pregnancy 6 and half months. Its crazy. Completely Crazy. I love this little girl so much already. 

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