Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday's Letters

Today I'm linking up with Ashley from Adventures of Newlyweds for Friday's Letters!! 

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Dear Jenny: Your in labor right now. TWO weeks early I am so stinkin excited for you and John. I can not wait to meet baby Jack and give him all the lovin' I can! Dear Husband: I love how cute you are in the morning while you're still 1/2 asleep and I go to give you kisses. You fight it so much but that little smirk on your face melts my heart. Dear DOGS: You three have been incredibly bad the past few weeks and I have had it up to my eye balls. I have tried about everything I can think of except putting diapers on you and taping your mouths shut (I would never but Its bad people). Dear Skyler: We go to the Doctor on Monday. I am DREADING to see the weight on the scale... I just want this to be known that I'm gaining all of this weight because I love you SO MUCH already! Dear Ryan Gosling: I have been watching a ton of your movies lately. I love to look at you. Dear Friends: I have come to the conclusion that I love getting snail mail. If you do too leave me a comment or email (  with your address + birthday & once I write it down I will erase your comments and I will send you a once in a while card. 

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