Sunday, July 22, 2012


Showers as in .... Thunderstorms, Bridal showers & Baby showers!

This week I have had some kind of hand in each of them! Here on the East coast we have been having some wild weather. It will go from high 90's + humidity then go to mid 70's low humidity... and rain all afternoon. It has made for a very interesting weather report. I'm not going to lie if the weather stayed in the mid/upper 70's the rest of the summer I would be happier then a pig in crap. It was beautiful. Chilly enough to actually head outside for a walk! Speaking of which today I set an alarm on my phone for a daily walk since I have had major working out phobia. I will go for a walk one day then spend 3 days sleeping the day away. Then all of the sudden feel like I need to walk again. So this will be a daily reminder. No excuses, unless my body physically says "NO!", at least I cant say "I forgot".

This week I also went to a Bridal shower for my high school friend Lisa! It was beautiful! I got some practice time in with her little niece, Elizabeth. She is as cute as a button. & she has the meanest low crawl!

Now for Baby Showers... I have a really good friends Baby shower the first weekend in August which is a guy & gal shower. My first ever mixed company shower I can not wait to see how it turns out. Shes also having a little girl, I already called dibs on hand me downs :)
My Mom sent out my shower invites this week! Kinda early but with my Dad going in for surgery she wanted to clear her plate.
We printed them for free at On To Baby I love them!

Well if that isn't enough on the 'shower front' then I'm sure if you check back in a few weeks I will have more updates preparing for my own with my mom & sisters + my friends coming up!!

Dads hip replacement is tomorrow... So I may be MIA this week!



  1. Love your shower invites and walking will make you feel so much better!!

    1. Thanks!! has so many free templates. They also have them for wedding things too