Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sometimes & Always + my weigh in

Linking up with Macky Madness in her weekly Sometimes & Always post!

Sometimes: I really want to become a better blogger
Always: Think I am me & if people don't like it don't read

Sometimes: I get really upset over finances
Always: Thankful we aren't living pay check to pay check

Sometimes: I say we will quit spending so freely
Always: See something I NEED and have to buy (or I might die)

Sometimes: I get motivated to clean
Always : Get caught up in a certain area and sit and reminisce the old times

&& For my weigh in.. Ugh. Well I am

After eating a little better last week and going to the gym and almost meeting my goal of 5 days of 1hr cardio :-( this makes me a sad little girl. The only thing I can really say is I will thrive to be better this month. I don't know if you all read previous posts The golden number is but I set a goal for 5lbs a month and this month I actually gained .08lb. I have been reading a lot about Jamie Eastons 12 week plan and I can see myself doing the workout portion of it but eating is where it hurts! You all know I work a 24 hour work day - maybe I just need to pick a cook day and get it all made so I cant make excuses for ordering Chinese when I forget my food! So my goal for the month of February is to stick to my guns. I want to lose 5lbs this month come hell or high water. I see people giving themselves a gift for losing weight.. & I am working on it. Visit me later to see what I've come up with!


Sunday, January 29, 2012

My wish to you....

I remembered! Or the IPhone reminded me. Either way I'm here! Blogging from home, something I usually don't do because I have entirely too much to do while I'm home... house work, puppy cuddling, enjoying spending time with my hubsters, gym just anything that doesn't involve a computer. I think once my Husband gets into a routine I might be able to get in a few blog posts from home. Today hes still asleep while I post because I wasn't feeling too hot lastnight and his friends invited us out so I insisted he go out while I stay home and baby myself to try to feel better. Of course once I told him to go out I regretted it. Who the heck wants to be home alone while they are sick. What was I thinking? regardless I was in bed by 1030 and he wasn't home so god only knows when he got in. All I know is he didn't want to feel the wrath of me, so he must have gotten into bed softly. Good choice Mr.B good choice....

Last night I worked on a craft for the V-day exchange! I will post about it once I send out the package and she receives it! I can not wait to get to work and finish it today! I'm a dweeb I know. Don't judge me.

Today I'm linking up with - fly far. fly free. One of my favorite link ups! It really is inspiring!

Last week my wish was for motivation to complete my workouts & discipline to eat healthy NO EXCUSES! I think I did a pretty good job. I did turn down Taco Bell - then while I sat there and watched Mr.B get it with out even offering me a bite I wanted to jump him and steal his Mexican goodness. But I contained myself. I really feel like It wasn't so bad this week and I ate better. Not perfect but better then usual. I did do my strength workouts with Mr.B and we are planning on going to the gym today! I got 3 out of my 5 cardio sessions in this week & hopefully today I can get in another and it will be 4/5 which is pretty good if you ask this sick girl who doesn't want to move let alone get on a treadmill or elliptical!

This week my wish will be for my close friend Sue! Shes currently in labor expecting a little boy! I am beyond excited for her. Shes already a momma & I know she will take her past experiences and put them to use in raising this little guy! She needs to have this baby today so while I'm in Philly tonight I can come visit! Haha. So Sue my wish for you is to continue to be a great mother, and for an easy as its going to get labor. For a happy and healthy baby. I can not wait to meet this little man that I watched grow in your belly! Your friendship means the world to me and I love you to the moon and back!

(Myself & Sue out for wing night you cant see the preggers belly but its there and I loveeee it)

Seeing a lot of my friends have babies really gets me thinking. I am 26 (shhhh) and married I know I want children. Mr.B and I talk about it a lot. One day. Maybe soon? Maybe later? But one day I hope to be a momma!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

...Yeahhh buddy

I fibbed! Sorry I didn't link up on Tuesday. I got carried away with other things and I totally forgot about it! I cant still link up so I'm just going to think of awesome sometimes & always posts for next Tuesday! I don't know if anyone has noticed but I usually post ever like 2 days or so. The reason for that is I like to post from work. I usually start in the morning after my details and I don't post it until after lunch or early evening. It kinda fits together... but I'm going on a FOUR DAY (every 4 weeks we get a long weekend)! So I am going to try to get in my Sunday linkup from home! Eeeekkk I'm actually a huge dork and I set a reminder on my trusty IPhone.

I'm actually pretty stoked for this weekend I get off tomorrow AM and I am planning on heading home and picking up a few things for my Valentines day swap with Ambers Life !!! & I am finally going to set up that sewing machine that Mr.B got my for my birthday. Ive already went out and got fabric to make two of my girlfriends that are expecting babies blankets. I just need to stop being short tempered with the machine and get it threaded. Tomorrow night Mr.B and I are joining our real life BFF's and going to a magazine birthday party in Delaware. I know high class right? Wrong. Its totally not its just a really fun excuse to get dressed up on a random Friday in January. Saturday Mr.B and I are heading up to Filthadelphia to visit with my folks and look over wedding pictures! The rest of the weekend I envision PJ's, Wine, TV, crafting and puppy cuddles. Happy life.

Anyone have any outrageous weekend plans? Wanna drink wine with me? Come on over!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

We got em'

Please excuse my lack of Monday weigh in! But I got these yesterday and the scale wasn't on my mind..

I adore all of my pictures. They are pretty much the greatest. I will throw ya a few here and there. Don't you worry :]

Okay so my weight....
WOOOOOO HOOO!! Its still above what I started at but Its a win if you ask me. I'm working on my goal from my Wish out LOUD post. I did an hour on Sunday and yesterday I didn't work out at all. Mr.B came home from his 2 weeks of training in North Carolina for rescue technician & we just lounged around and enjoyed each others company. Today is back to the grind! Hour of cardio here I come. Ready or not!

I am linking up with Macky Madness later today! Look for it!!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wish out LOUD...

I actually look forward to this link up. I love reading everyone else's post... and I love being able to actually write out my wishes and watch how they unfold.

-fly far. fly free 
Last week my wish was  for the safety of the police and emergency service workers when they respond to calls that involve violence. I got a little feed back and I know I am not the only one who feels the same way. I continue to wish for this for every emergency responder - from now until forever. Because unfortunately violence doesn't seem to be throwing in the white flag.

This week I wish for motivation to complete my workouts & discipline to eat healthy NO EXCUSES!

I have been having a really hard time with my weight loss. Not because I don't think about it, or don't really want to achieve it -  but I really feel like I am kidding myself, making excuses. I think Oh I will just work out an extra hour. Then around 8pm I am think CRAP I didn't go to the gym today. I know its an excuse but I really think its because Mr.B isn't around to go to the gym with. Its usually our 'us' time when we work out together and I don't feel comfortable at the gym we go to alone. In the beginning of Mr.B's 2 week adventure I went to the gym. The first time at Retro working out on my own since we joined this place in October. Im there doing my thing then the 'manager of training' approaches me (the headphones trick didnt work)! Out of everyone, and asks if I want a training session. Of course I say No I'm not interested and he says its free blah blah blah..Free was the magic word and I did it. They tried to get me to commit to a contract I denied it and then he walks away like I just kicked his puppy. I believe 100% that if I were there with my Husband this trainer would have never approached me. So it really put a bad taste in my mouth & I have been talking myself out of going back without my hubby. If that isn't throwing myself out there enough - and so you know I'm trying to really stop making excuses for the gym - I have an elliptical/bike at HOME! I know, I'm digging myself a hole, but lets be honest I should have no excuse to at least get some cardio in! 

So now you know my wish for myself (selfish much?) my GOAL for this week is to complete at least an hour of cardio 5 times this week & strength training 3 times.  Note to self that doesn't mean 5 hours in one day because you made excuses all week.

Go Link Up!!
Until Next time :)

It's what? Snowing?

It snowed yesterday. Like all of 3 inches and you would have thought the tri-state was under attack. My day started off awful I was at different station then my usual one and its about 45 additional minutes to my regular hour drive home. Now add in the snow & freezing rain and you get a 2 1/2 - 3ishh hours. It wasn't nice is what I'm saying. I saw 4 accidents and actually witnessed 1 of them happening. I don't understand how people think they are invincible! Its pure stupidity!

Anyway figures Mr.B would be away for our first snow in our new home! So I texted him frantically asking where the shovel and salt were... they were where they belong. Right in the garage. psh. who would have thought. I took these pictures of the house. I was mighty proud of my shovel job...


Do you see those huge trees? Yeah they are in our back yard and with the winds last night I think that a few lotta limbs fell down. I need to find and invest in a pair of outback boots that don't come into the house because Its a muddy mess out there. Well After my snow adventure I cleaned up a wee bit then headed up to my hometown to celebrate my sisters birthday at the Brauhaus Schmitz! Its only the best little German bar/restaurant in Philadelphia.
Here is the Birthday Girl!! I totally made her wear all that fun stuff and may have embarrassed her a wee bit. But it was all in good fun!
This is my meal.... Kasewurst (a Braut with cheddar) and Kartoffelpfannkuchen (potato pancakes) Oh and that mustard is made at the Brauhaus and I need to find out how they make it I would eat it with a spoon.

My sisters :) Funny story my sister on the left is the oldest! BUT for 32 days they are the same age! My sister with the Pink scarf was born on January 18th and the one with the stripes was born on February 19th a year earlier!! AND we don't have to hide how I don't look like my sisters at all. My mothers got some explaining to do :) just fibbin. I look like my Dad so I'm safe. We had cake and sung really loud.

 THEN we went walking down good ole' South Street and went to one of my favorite stores Cheese Steak Tees & we acted like total tourists when I asked someone to take our picture Rep Hard Rep Local

Well I think that's enough picture overload. Just a warning I'm posting again soon for my Sunday Link up!!!


Friday, January 20, 2012

(imagine me singing) me me me me me me meeeee

So I've told you a wee bit about me in the first post. I wanted to let you in on a little more... so maybe we can become better blog buddies.

I am 26
(I don't think you can see any of it but he used electrical tape to wrap my gifts I love that man)
(my presents from Mr.B this past birthday)

I've always said I'm a city girl that loves the country but I wouldn't trade my hometown for the farms

I have an amazing husband that I adore though we have our ups and downs
(If he would take a good picture the first time we wouldn't have to take so many, will he ever learn)

I am a federal firefighter (sassy name for I work as a firefighter on military bases)
(Hazmat Technician training)

I am in the PA Air National Guard
(this is my commander w/Parents awarding me the hometown hero award .. p.s. pretty much everyone who deployed after 9/11 gets it)

I have 3 fur babies

Mr.B & I just purchased a new home in DE during the summer

Humm.. I am a fan of reading and crafts. I am scared of debt so I don't use credit cards. I work 24 hour shifts at work (but I get to sleep and go to the gym and pretty much just function at work). I am very German. I like tattoos & I have 4. I am an outdoorsy person. Daises are my favorite flower. Spring is my favorite season.

Well I think that sums it up! Tell me a little about you!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Not so shabby...

+1.8 pounds
(cue the cries)

So I can sit here and make excuses for reasons why I gained... I was bad, a very bad dieter/worker outer (those are'nt words I googled it). While Mr.B is away training I've been MAJOR gym slacking & I've gone out to eat a few times. I actually debated posting this, I could have said I forgot or that I am done with it... but I really want to hold myself accountable. I see so many other women doing it and I know I can I just need to straighten up my act!

Moving onto other things...nice transition right? I'm linking up with Sometimes & Always with Macky again! I had a bunch of fun last time and I gained a few followers since so I wanted to join in again and maybe gain a few more!

Sometimes: I hate the rain
Always:  Enjoy hearing it hit the roof

Sometimes: I want to turn off my cell phone and have a cell free day
Always: have anxiety thinking I might miss something

(During my hubbys deployment I "took" a picture with him)

Sometimes: I despise the girls from teen mom
Always: Keep watching, wishing I had a little baby to love

Sometimes: I don't want to roll out of bed
Always: Remember I have to get to work so I can pay bills!

Sometimes: I Pin(trest) awesome recipes
Always: stick to things I know I can cook

Okay... Well last thing... I am a fairly new blogger - but I've been reading blogs for about a year now. I have followed Jessica Lynn Writes since the beginning - totally blog stalk this girl. Shes awesome and living in Italy! I just read today about her brother who is (with his wife) adopting a baby from Ethiopia. Can you believe that to help save a baby from a country where the odds of a healthy long life are slim to none it is going to cost them 30K?! Well these amazing folks  The Torres 2 plus 1 are hoping for help. They have an Etsy shop where they are selling homemade vanilla extract! They are calling the extract Extracts for Ethiopia (etsy) :) How awesome and for only 10$ a bottle! Finally they are accepting donations (AND lots-o-prayers). I know money is tight - for everyone. But for me knowing that there is a loving family who wants to help - save raise and love a child who isn't theirs AS THEIR OWN means so much more then going out to dinner one day next week. I'm planning on buying myself some of the vanilla extract and talking to the hubsters about a donation.

Well I know this is a lot! My goodness. Any encouraging words for my lame-ness weight loss gain. Anyone else link up for Sometimes Always? && If you think you can help make a difference for an Ethiopian baby check out The Torres 2 plus 1! FINALLY Leave me comments!! I love them!


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wish[ing] out loud...

I was told about this really amazing link-up last week and I couldn't wait until today to do it! Its called Wish out loud. Its hosted by -fly far. fly free. If I could make any wish and my wishes would come true I think I would wish for illegal guns off the streets and out of the hands of criminals. I feel like that is very unrealistic so I will wish for the safety of the police and emergency service workers when they respond to calls that involve violence.

I am a firefighter and personally it is more scary to respond to a domestic dispute then it is to respond to a fire. I know what to do and how to handle the fire safely but you never know about the guy hiding in the corner mad at his wife with a gun. Or the young teen upset about being bullied on facebook who has a knife and wants to hurt all those mean people.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Last night & link up!

So today I'm joining in on the fun at my vickilicious life & fabulous but evil
(can someone PLEASE teach me how to do this button magic)

Well last night a friend came over to hang out. It included wine, toddlers & tiaras, wine, taco bake and nail painting and wine. Well Lets just say I am in beginner status when it comes to painting nails. She had to do my right hand and though it may not look the greatest it smells wonderfully!
I do did not lie - seriously I am a beginner nail painter. This is a new(er) polish by Revlon that came out in the summer. The color I used is scented as cotton candy and let me tell you I look like a weirdo walking around work sniffing my nails. I managed to get one of the guys to smell my nails and he agreed it was a nice sent. They still smell delightful. I put 2 coats on and a coat of nail hardener.

Along with nail painting we watched Toddlers and Tiaras. My goodness. Some of these mothers were just as bad as their 5 year olds on stage (honey boo boo). Please tell me I'm not the only one who watched it? I don't think it is a show that I will HAVE to watch (like True blood) but it is something that when I see I can not change the channel! Though there are some awful mothers on the show there were a few very cute moments when a dad danced with his daughter on stage & one little girl didn't get the super queen (I'm sure that's not what its called but its something with queen in the title) her Mom told her she was still very proud of her.

Did anyone else catch Toddlers and Tiaras? Man oh man, please tell me I'm not the only one who was sucked in?


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

& the golden number is...

172.4 lbs

I think I will use that as my starting weight. I know its already 11 days into the month and I'm finally getting around to posting my weight and not being so lazy but there is no time like the present! So from here until March I am going to hold myself accountable here on the blog. Can you believe that during the summer I was down to 161? Holy smokes, 11 pounds just from vacationing, and getting Mr.B back into the flow of things...welcome home parties, B Dubs & wine nights! I guess my lack of cardio at the gym does not help either. I will take the blame for just that one thing everything else is the hubby's fault. I said my goal would be 5lbs a month so February 1st I'm hoping to be 167.4 eeeekkkk!!! Wish me luck!

Anyway Mr.B is away for a little bit at Rescue technician school and Ive been home with the dogs. I started a deep clean of the house. Yesterday I accomplished our bedroom It wasn't too bad. We have a smaller room and are planning on knocking out a wall between our room and the office. We want to put a set of french style doors there.... Hopefully it is something we will tackle soon!

 This is the wall where I want to put the french style doors - the right door is the door to the hall way and the left door is a closet door. On the other side of the wall is our current office.
This is pre- living in the house while painting and such was getting done. I love the stripes. I almost pulled my hair out to do it but it turned out so awesome. There are also stripes on the opposite wall and the wall with the headboard on it is the grayish color.

The doors I would swoon over would look like this.... I have Mr.B talked into them I just need him to get to work now :)

Tomorrow I am going to tackle the upstairs bath and the guest room... Oh lord help me.

How are your New Years goals coming along? Better late then never!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Let me tell ya... I didn't forget I was supposed to post my weight on Monday!
I swear...

Okay I lied. But I have a good excuse. I had drill this weekend & Monday and Today are my k-days (fire dept lingo just means my break day)! I don't like to keep ya hanging so I did what any normal person who forgot that she is supposed to weigh herself on Mondays should do. I went out today and got a scale for the house! Yupp. Sure did and it was a steal. Originally marked as 20$ when it rang up it was only 10$ then I got my military discount (all DE Walgreen's offer them... but oddly not the ones in FL?) so the grand total was 8.50$!!! Last week when I posted Holding myself accountable at the end of the day - after breakfast/lunch/dinner & snacks and drinking all day I was a little surprised how your weight truly fluxuates during the day! At night if I remember correctly it was 176, and the following morning it was at 174. Two whole pounds just while I slept. Heck I wish I could sleep all day and lose 5!! Mr.B says that you should weigh yourself 3 times daily Morning Afternoon and night then get an average weight - but I will stick to morning weight right after you pee but before you eat anything! So tomorrow I will update you all on my stats!


Sometimes & Always

I havent Blogged in a few days! So today Im linking up with Macky Madness!! I have never done this so I figured why not give it a try..

Sometimes : I get angry with my puppies
Always : Feel bad for being mad and give them lovin
(Cell phone picture sorry)
Sometimes: I fear going back to school
Always: Know its for my future, so I bite the bullet and hope my classmates wont make fun of the 26 year old kid in class.

Sometimes: I call my hubby because "I have a question"
Always: Call him because I think his Mississippi accent is dead sexy
(p.s. my hubby hates all my pictures too... men should learn to love it!)

Sometimes: I watch Law and Order
Always: Think I know all there is to know about the law because of it

Thats all I can think of right now!!! Anyone who is reading should go over to Macky Madness and link up! Shes pretty awesome and I really enjoy reading her blog (p.s. you would too)


Friday, January 6, 2012

Holding myself accountable...

Want the truth?

Dirty truth is.....

I am on a downward spiral with my fitness goals! Already only 6 days into the month! So who says you cant pick yourself up and brush yourself off? Whats going to happen is... I am going to hold myself accountable every Monday morning. This means I cant work my ass off all week then "splurge" over the weekend and screw up all my hard work. So Saturday beers? No thank you! B-dubs? Nope. Wine? Okay you twisted my arm. Who says a girl (lightweight) cant enjoy 2 glasses of wine and still maintain her fitness goals?! While Mr.B was deployed I lost 20lbs in about 4 months! Which makes my stomach twirl, Because it was only 3 months ago he got home! Thats what partying and eating out can do to a girls weight (& self esteem). So Its not about can I do it, Its about being focused! I NEED to do this, for myself! I need to do this for my future, my health & my future unborn children (no really). Like I said before I am no stranger to the gym but I seriously NEED to get my eating in line! Tomorrow (because I'm working a 24 today) I am going to go through my pantry trashing junk! I think for the next few weeks I am going to lean more toward my eating habits and continue my workouts with my hubsters but adding more cardio.

Want to see something depressing? I just looked up my BMI on the CDC's website.. I am currently - like just weighed myself at 5:53 pm weigh 176 (dont judge me) ... well look for yourself..

Height: 5 feet, 7 inches
Weight: 176 pounds

Your BMI is 27.6, indicating your weight is in the Overweight category for adults of your height.

For your height, a normal weight range would be from 118 to 159 pounds.

People who are overweight or obese are at higher risk for chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol.
Weight Status
Below 18.5 Underweight
18.5—24.9 Normal
30.0 and Above Obese
CDC's website

YEUUUP I am Overweight! Not only does it say I am overweight it says that my ideal weight is between 118 and 159 - This summer my lightest was 161 (during hubbys deployment). I haven't been in the 150's since I was in basic training in 2004! Ehh.. I am sorry CDC I dont think I will ever be "normal" to you... anywho with all this weight talk I am going to go eat workout. Seriously working out I was kidding guys!
Pintrest :)
So be on the lookout Monday for my weigh in.

Anyone else struggle with eating but love to workout?