Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sometimes & Always + my weigh in

Linking up with Macky Madness in her weekly Sometimes & Always post!

Sometimes: I really want to become a better blogger
Always: Think I am me & if people don't like it don't read

Sometimes: I get really upset over finances
Always: Thankful we aren't living pay check to pay check

Sometimes: I say we will quit spending so freely
Always: See something I NEED and have to buy (or I might die)

Sometimes: I get motivated to clean
Always : Get caught up in a certain area and sit and reminisce the old times

&& For my weigh in.. Ugh. Well I am

After eating a little better last week and going to the gym and almost meeting my goal of 5 days of 1hr cardio :-( this makes me a sad little girl. The only thing I can really say is I will thrive to be better this month. I don't know if you all read previous posts The golden number is but I set a goal for 5lbs a month and this month I actually gained .08lb. I have been reading a lot about Jamie Eastons 12 week plan and I can see myself doing the workout portion of it but eating is where it hurts! You all know I work a 24 hour work day - maybe I just need to pick a cook day and get it all made so I cant make excuses for ordering Chinese when I forget my food! So my goal for the month of February is to stick to my guns. I want to lose 5lbs this month come hell or high water. I see people giving themselves a gift for losing weight.. & I am working on it. Visit me later to see what I've come up with!



  1. Don't focus to much about the the number on the scale. You look fabulous, trust me I'm not BSing you. I know from when I was fitness instructor muscle weighs more then fat (which I'm sure you already know) and as long you clothes are fitting a bit bigger you are on the right track! Good luck with your February goal!

    1. Thank you! Im sure weekend beers arent helping but we will see! Haha.

  2. Oh gosh, you SO sound like us right now! We are trying to cut back on our spending right now, but it's so so hard!!

    Thanks for linking up with us!!