Sunday, January 29, 2012

My wish to you....

I remembered! Or the IPhone reminded me. Either way I'm here! Blogging from home, something I usually don't do because I have entirely too much to do while I'm home... house work, puppy cuddling, enjoying spending time with my hubsters, gym just anything that doesn't involve a computer. I think once my Husband gets into a routine I might be able to get in a few blog posts from home. Today hes still asleep while I post because I wasn't feeling too hot lastnight and his friends invited us out so I insisted he go out while I stay home and baby myself to try to feel better. Of course once I told him to go out I regretted it. Who the heck wants to be home alone while they are sick. What was I thinking? regardless I was in bed by 1030 and he wasn't home so god only knows when he got in. All I know is he didn't want to feel the wrath of me, so he must have gotten into bed softly. Good choice Mr.B good choice....

Last night I worked on a craft for the V-day exchange! I will post about it once I send out the package and she receives it! I can not wait to get to work and finish it today! I'm a dweeb I know. Don't judge me.

Today I'm linking up with - fly far. fly free. One of my favorite link ups! It really is inspiring!

Last week my wish was for motivation to complete my workouts & discipline to eat healthy NO EXCUSES! I think I did a pretty good job. I did turn down Taco Bell - then while I sat there and watched Mr.B get it with out even offering me a bite I wanted to jump him and steal his Mexican goodness. But I contained myself. I really feel like It wasn't so bad this week and I ate better. Not perfect but better then usual. I did do my strength workouts with Mr.B and we are planning on going to the gym today! I got 3 out of my 5 cardio sessions in this week & hopefully today I can get in another and it will be 4/5 which is pretty good if you ask this sick girl who doesn't want to move let alone get on a treadmill or elliptical!

This week my wish will be for my close friend Sue! Shes currently in labor expecting a little boy! I am beyond excited for her. Shes already a momma & I know she will take her past experiences and put them to use in raising this little guy! She needs to have this baby today so while I'm in Philly tonight I can come visit! Haha. So Sue my wish for you is to continue to be a great mother, and for an easy as its going to get labor. For a happy and healthy baby. I can not wait to meet this little man that I watched grow in your belly! Your friendship means the world to me and I love you to the moon and back!

(Myself & Sue out for wing night you cant see the preggers belly but its there and I loveeee it)

Seeing a lot of my friends have babies really gets me thinking. I am 26 (shhhh) and married I know I want children. Mr.B and I talk about it a lot. One day. Maybe soon? Maybe later? But one day I hope to be a momma!

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  1. Happy to see you linking up again! AND that you did a great job following through with your wish last week! Lots of love and happy thoughts to your friend Sue as she welcomes a beautiful baby into the world :]
    & I hope you feel better