Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's what? Snowing?

It snowed yesterday. Like all of 3 inches and you would have thought the tri-state was under attack. My day started off awful I was at different station then my usual one and its about 45 additional minutes to my regular hour drive home. Now add in the snow & freezing rain and you get a 2 1/2 - 3ishh hours. It wasn't nice is what I'm saying. I saw 4 accidents and actually witnessed 1 of them happening. I don't understand how people think they are invincible! Its pure stupidity!

Anyway figures Mr.B would be away for our first snow in our new home! So I texted him frantically asking where the shovel and salt were... they were where they belong. Right in the garage. psh. who would have thought. I took these pictures of the house. I was mighty proud of my shovel job...


Do you see those huge trees? Yeah they are in our back yard and with the winds last night I think that a few lotta limbs fell down. I need to find and invest in a pair of outback boots that don't come into the house because Its a muddy mess out there. Well After my snow adventure I cleaned up a wee bit then headed up to my hometown to celebrate my sisters birthday at the Brauhaus Schmitz! Its only the best little German bar/restaurant in Philadelphia.
Here is the Birthday Girl!! I totally made her wear all that fun stuff and may have embarrassed her a wee bit. But it was all in good fun!
This is my meal.... Kasewurst (a Braut with cheddar) and Kartoffelpfannkuchen (potato pancakes) Oh and that mustard is made at the Brauhaus and I need to find out how they make it I would eat it with a spoon.

My sisters :) Funny story my sister on the left is the oldest! BUT for 32 days they are the same age! My sister with the Pink scarf was born on January 18th and the one with the stripes was born on February 19th a year earlier!! AND we don't have to hide how I don't look like my sisters at all. My mothers got some explaining to do :) just fibbin. I look like my Dad so I'm safe. We had cake and sung really loud.

 THEN we went walking down good ole' South Street and went to one of my favorite stores Cheese Steak Tees & we acted like total tourists when I asked someone to take our picture Rep Hard Rep Local

Well I think that's enough picture overload. Just a warning I'm posting again soon for my Sunday Link up!!!



  1. Those potato pancakes look delicious!!! Yum!! Sounds like a great birthday celebration for her! :)

  2. It was very delicious! I usually take mine with apple sauce but I didnt order right - it was just as good with the sour cream :)