Thursday, January 26, 2012

...Yeahhh buddy

I fibbed! Sorry I didn't link up on Tuesday. I got carried away with other things and I totally forgot about it! I cant still link up so I'm just going to think of awesome sometimes & always posts for next Tuesday! I don't know if anyone has noticed but I usually post ever like 2 days or so. The reason for that is I like to post from work. I usually start in the morning after my details and I don't post it until after lunch or early evening. It kinda fits together... but I'm going on a FOUR DAY (every 4 weeks we get a long weekend)! So I am going to try to get in my Sunday linkup from home! Eeeekkk I'm actually a huge dork and I set a reminder on my trusty IPhone.

I'm actually pretty stoked for this weekend I get off tomorrow AM and I am planning on heading home and picking up a few things for my Valentines day swap with Ambers Life !!! & I am finally going to set up that sewing machine that Mr.B got my for my birthday. Ive already went out and got fabric to make two of my girlfriends that are expecting babies blankets. I just need to stop being short tempered with the machine and get it threaded. Tomorrow night Mr.B and I are joining our real life BFF's and going to a magazine birthday party in Delaware. I know high class right? Wrong. Its totally not its just a really fun excuse to get dressed up on a random Friday in January. Saturday Mr.B and I are heading up to Filthadelphia to visit with my folks and look over wedding pictures! The rest of the weekend I envision PJ's, Wine, TV, crafting and puppy cuddles. Happy life.

Anyone have any outrageous weekend plans? Wanna drink wine with me? Come on over!


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