Friday, January 20, 2012

(imagine me singing) me me me me me me meeeee

So I've told you a wee bit about me in the first post. I wanted to let you in on a little more... so maybe we can become better blog buddies.

I am 26
(I don't think you can see any of it but he used electrical tape to wrap my gifts I love that man)
(my presents from Mr.B this past birthday)

I've always said I'm a city girl that loves the country but I wouldn't trade my hometown for the farms

I have an amazing husband that I adore though we have our ups and downs
(If he would take a good picture the first time we wouldn't have to take so many, will he ever learn)

I am a federal firefighter (sassy name for I work as a firefighter on military bases)
(Hazmat Technician training)

I am in the PA Air National Guard
(this is my commander w/Parents awarding me the hometown hero award .. p.s. pretty much everyone who deployed after 9/11 gets it)

I have 3 fur babies

Mr.B & I just purchased a new home in DE during the summer

Humm.. I am a fan of reading and crafts. I am scared of debt so I don't use credit cards. I work 24 hour shifts at work (but I get to sleep and go to the gym and pretty much just function at work). I am very German. I like tattoos & I have 4. I am an outdoorsy person. Daises are my favorite flower. Spring is my favorite season.

Well I think that sums it up! Tell me a little about you!

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