Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Not so shabby...

+1.8 pounds
(cue the cries)

So I can sit here and make excuses for reasons why I gained... I was bad, a very bad dieter/worker outer (those are'nt words I googled it). While Mr.B is away training I've been MAJOR gym slacking & I've gone out to eat a few times. I actually debated posting this, I could have said I forgot or that I am done with it... but I really want to hold myself accountable. I see so many other women doing it and I know I can I just need to straighten up my act!

Moving onto other things...nice transition right? I'm linking up with Sometimes & Always with Macky again! I had a bunch of fun last time and I gained a few followers since so I wanted to join in again and maybe gain a few more!

Sometimes: I hate the rain
Always:  Enjoy hearing it hit the roof

Sometimes: I want to turn off my cell phone and have a cell free day
Always: have anxiety thinking I might miss something

(During my hubbys deployment I "took" a picture with him)

Sometimes: I despise the girls from teen mom
Always: Keep watching, wishing I had a little baby to love

Sometimes: I don't want to roll out of bed
Always: Remember I have to get to work so I can pay bills!

Sometimes: I Pin(trest) awesome recipes
Always: stick to things I know I can cook

Okay... Well last thing... I am a fairly new blogger - but I've been reading blogs for about a year now. I have followed Jessica Lynn Writes since the beginning - totally blog stalk this girl. Shes awesome and living in Italy! I just read today about her brother who is (with his wife) adopting a baby from Ethiopia. Can you believe that to help save a baby from a country where the odds of a healthy long life are slim to none it is going to cost them 30K?! Well these amazing folks  The Torres 2 plus 1 are hoping for help. They have an Etsy shop where they are selling homemade vanilla extract! They are calling the extract Extracts for Ethiopia (etsy) :) How awesome and for only 10$ a bottle! Finally they are accepting donations (AND lots-o-prayers). I know money is tight - for everyone. But for me knowing that there is a loving family who wants to help - save raise and love a child who isn't theirs AS THEIR OWN means so much more then going out to dinner one day next week. I'm planning on buying myself some of the vanilla extract and talking to the hubsters about a donation.

Well I know this is a lot! My goodness. Any encouraging words for my lame-ness weight loss gain. Anyone else link up for Sometimes Always? && If you think you can help make a difference for an Ethiopian baby check out The Torres 2 plus 1! FINALLY Leave me comments!! I love them!



  1. I am completely flattered by your sweet words! Thank you so much for sharing my brother and sister-in-laws adoption story on your blog! I really appreciate it and know they do too!

  2. I can't believe how far and stretched out our news is getting! You are such a sweet blessing to share our story! We are so grateful for your help!