Wednesday, January 11, 2012

& the golden number is...

172.4 lbs

I think I will use that as my starting weight. I know its already 11 days into the month and I'm finally getting around to posting my weight and not being so lazy but there is no time like the present! So from here until March I am going to hold myself accountable here on the blog. Can you believe that during the summer I was down to 161? Holy smokes, 11 pounds just from vacationing, and getting Mr.B back into the flow of things...welcome home parties, B Dubs & wine nights! I guess my lack of cardio at the gym does not help either. I will take the blame for just that one thing everything else is the hubby's fault. I said my goal would be 5lbs a month so February 1st I'm hoping to be 167.4 eeeekkkk!!! Wish me luck!

Anyway Mr.B is away for a little bit at Rescue technician school and Ive been home with the dogs. I started a deep clean of the house. Yesterday I accomplished our bedroom It wasn't too bad. We have a smaller room and are planning on knocking out a wall between our room and the office. We want to put a set of french style doors there.... Hopefully it is something we will tackle soon!

 This is the wall where I want to put the french style doors - the right door is the door to the hall way and the left door is a closet door. On the other side of the wall is our current office.
This is pre- living in the house while painting and such was getting done. I love the stripes. I almost pulled my hair out to do it but it turned out so awesome. There are also stripes on the opposite wall and the wall with the headboard on it is the grayish color.

The doors I would swoon over would look like this.... I have Mr.B talked into them I just need him to get to work now :)

Tomorrow I am going to tackle the upstairs bath and the guest room... Oh lord help me.

How are your New Years goals coming along? Better late then never!


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