Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Let me tell ya... I didn't forget I was supposed to post my weight on Monday!
I swear...

Okay I lied. But I have a good excuse. I had drill this weekend & Monday and Today are my k-days (fire dept lingo just means my break day)! I don't like to keep ya hanging so I did what any normal person who forgot that she is supposed to weigh herself on Mondays should do. I went out today and got a scale for the house! Yupp. Sure did and it was a steal. Originally marked as 20$ when it rang up it was only 10$ then I got my military discount (all DE Walgreen's offer them... but oddly not the ones in FL?) so the grand total was 8.50$!!! Last week when I posted Holding myself accountable at the end of the day - after breakfast/lunch/dinner & snacks and drinking all day I was a little surprised how your weight truly fluxuates during the day! At night if I remember correctly it was 176, and the following morning it was at 174. Two whole pounds just while I slept. Heck I wish I could sleep all day and lose 5!! Mr.B says that you should weigh yourself 3 times daily Morning Afternoon and night then get an average weight - but I will stick to morning weight right after you pee but before you eat anything! So tomorrow I will update you all on my stats!


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