Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wish out LOUD...

I actually look forward to this link up. I love reading everyone else's post... and I love being able to actually write out my wishes and watch how they unfold.

-fly far. fly free 
Last week my wish was  for the safety of the police and emergency service workers when they respond to calls that involve violence. I got a little feed back and I know I am not the only one who feels the same way. I continue to wish for this for every emergency responder - from now until forever. Because unfortunately violence doesn't seem to be throwing in the white flag.

This week I wish for motivation to complete my workouts & discipline to eat healthy NO EXCUSES!

I have been having a really hard time with my weight loss. Not because I don't think about it, or don't really want to achieve it -  but I really feel like I am kidding myself, making excuses. I think Oh I will just work out an extra hour. Then around 8pm I am think CRAP I didn't go to the gym today. I know its an excuse but I really think its because Mr.B isn't around to go to the gym with. Its usually our 'us' time when we work out together and I don't feel comfortable at the gym we go to alone. In the beginning of Mr.B's 2 week adventure I went to the gym. The first time at Retro working out on my own since we joined this place in October. Im there doing my thing then the 'manager of training' approaches me (the headphones trick didnt work)! Out of everyone, and asks if I want a training session. Of course I say No I'm not interested and he says its free blah blah blah..Free was the magic word and I did it. They tried to get me to commit to a contract I denied it and then he walks away like I just kicked his puppy. I believe 100% that if I were there with my Husband this trainer would have never approached me. So it really put a bad taste in my mouth & I have been talking myself out of going back without my hubby. If that isn't throwing myself out there enough - and so you know I'm trying to really stop making excuses for the gym - I have an elliptical/bike at HOME! I know, I'm digging myself a hole, but lets be honest I should have no excuse to at least get some cardio in! 

So now you know my wish for myself (selfish much?) my GOAL for this week is to complete at least an hour of cardio 5 times this week & strength training 3 times.  Note to self that doesn't mean 5 hours in one day because you made excuses all week.

Go Link Up!!
Until Next time :)


  1. Excellent wish! And totally achievable! Just stay motivated! :] I'm so glad you are enjoy this link up and I look forward to reading your wish!

  2. be strong! don't let that trainer keep you away from acheiving your goals! I know it's hard to go without Mr. B but you can do it. Think of how proud he'll be of you, let alone how proud you'll be of yourself! You can do it!

    believing in laughter

  3. Thanks guys! This week I am down a wee bit! I'll be blogging about it later today - stop in and read! Mr.B came home from his training early yesterday so I know tomorrow we will be back to our normal rotation! I am really looking forward to it.