Tuesday, January 24, 2012

We got em'

Please excuse my lack of Monday weigh in! But I got these yesterday and the scale wasn't on my mind..

I adore all of my pictures. They are pretty much the greatest. I will throw ya a few here and there. Don't you worry :]

Okay so my weight....
WOOOOOO HOOO!! Its still above what I started at but Its a win if you ask me. I'm working on my goal from my Wish out LOUD post. I did an hour on Sunday and yesterday I didn't work out at all. Mr.B came home from his 2 weeks of training in North Carolina for rescue technician & we just lounged around and enjoyed each others company. Today is back to the grind! Hour of cardio here I come. Ready or not!

I am linking up with Macky Madness later today! Look for it!!



  1. Your pictures are beautiful!!!

  2. Thank you! I love them all I will have to post more soon!

  3. The pictures are amazing! Best of luck to you 2!