Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday's Letters

 Linking up with Ashley for Friday's Letters
Dear Mr.B : It made me  so excited this week when you put your hands on my belly and tried to feel Sklyer kicking. She was being stubborn like her Mamma and not kicking for you but soon enough... I know it will happen. Dear Dad: You have surgery on Monday - a hip replacement. Don't worry your girls will take care of you. We love you! Dear Bloggers : I have been talking to more and more of you & I LOVE IT! We should talk more often. Dear Home: I adore the way you've been coming together. You are quite expensive lately though... hopefully we are knocking all of this out before baby comes. Dear Skyler: You are a dancing machine! I'm pretty sure you are in there just reminding me that your still growing. Finally Dear exercise: You and I haven't gotten along AT ALL during the past few months. I can feel it in my muscles. I don't like the feeling but we both know I am stubborn and I will get back into the swing of things. You cant stop me for too long.


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  1. Have fun decorating your home, Im sure you'll get it finished :)