Friday, July 20, 2012

Operation Shower

I'm pretty stoked right now... Well for a few reasons. My Momma and Poppa sent out my Baby shower invitations!!! 26 August. I CAN NOT WAIT!!! We are making major changes over at the B Residence! I am going to take photos and dedicate a whole post to the changes, but for now I am going to tell you about this AMAZING opportunity for Military Mommas!!

I get this email maybe like two weeks ago asking for new military moms, or first time military moms who have experienced a deployment recently Or a spouse of a member who is disabled. Its scheduled for 22 August in Farmingdale NY. I look at my work schedule.. I look at Mr.B's work schedule and it turns out we both have the 21st and 22nd off. I quickly research this Operation Shower to make sure its legit and not a scam. Man oh man what I found was amazing! This charity goes out of their way for military moms to give them something very special before (or very soon after) their babies enter this wonderful America. Once I was done with the research I emailed this woman Amy. She got back to me after spending the week in Chicago at another shower and she tells me all the info. I couldn't accept the invitation ANY SOONER. I have been facebook & twitter stalking them and the theme for the shower I'm attending is a book shower. I can NOT wait.

I have a dilemma I need an outfit. Now being that I don't have tons of cash to spend on a 'fancy' maternity dress (the event is being hosted at the PGAs Barclays - HUGE golf event) PLUS I want to take tons of pictures of Mr.B and I. He doesn't know this yet - He will eventually find out.. duh. ANY other Mil Spouses going? Anyone from the Long Beach NY area wanna meet up for lunch, or can give us any recommendations?! I hear there are TONS of really bad ass light houses on the NY coast. I am so excited. As if you couldn't tell.

Its going to be an amazing Baby Moon for Mr.B and I + its something fun to surround ourselves with other Mil Mommas due around the same time!  

We are going to be getting the formal invitation this week sometime I will update with photos. Until then CLICK on the Operation Shower link & follow them on twitter and facebook they host these events ALL OVER the US! Or maybe you or someone you know could help support thier cause!


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