Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Dad

I mentioned the other day that my Dad was getting surgery. A little back story... before I was born (I'm 26) my Dad worked for a tree cutting company. One day he fell out of a tree and it resulted in him breaking his hip. At the time they thought that they could pin it with pins and screws and keep it together but that was a no go so they opted for a replacement. At the time they offered plastic replacements and they were recommended for up to 10 years. 

Now fast forward to January ishhhh.. he started getting this awful unbearable cramping ( I mean he's had cramping for pretty much the last 10 years but this was a number 17 of the 1-10 scale!). He chalked it up to being on his leg too long or over working himself. So one day my sister found the original Dr who preformed the surgery (Who by the way is the orthopedic surgeon for the  Philadelphia 76ers) and secretly called him to set up an appointment for my Dad. Dad was PISSED. He cussed and threatened to call and schedule my sister all sorts of appointments she wouldn't like. It was actually VERY funny to see a 55 year old man act that way over a measly little doctors appointment. Well X-rays were taken, appointments were rescheduled due to the 76ers making it into the playoffs & the Dr needed to travel, exams were had referrals were given and it all boiled down to surgery on Monday. It isn't a replacement of the replacement, it was a refurbish kinda surgery of the 26 year old hip replacement.

I've never seen my Dad so scared in his life. He looked like a lost puppy I wanted to hold him and tell him everything would be OKAY. Fact is, I wasn't scared of the surgery.. I was/am scared of the recovery. I am scared that even though he now has his refurbished hip that he will still be in pain. Today some of that fear went away when the Physical Therapist came in to talk to him while I was hanging out with him. He said that most people are up and about after 2 weeks with a walker and then using a cane for the next few months until all his muscle (where the incision was) is repaired. In about a month he will be allowed to drive again and if all goes well he will be back to "normal" in 3 months. I'm really hoping he heeds the hospital and doctors warnings, advise and takes it easy. He was already in the hospital bed doing work from his laptop! Luckily he can work from home.. so that burden is off his shoulders (and my Moms) I will be on baby sitting duty my days off so look for more Dad updates. 

Oh the ISH my Dad says while hopped up on pain meds makes me laugh so hard I was crying! I wish I could video tape him. 


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