Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Busy Bee

Hey Folks! Hows life treating you all? I have some amazing news but I have to wait a few days to share! I know nothing like the opening line to today's post to keep you hanging?! It just means you HAVE TO COME BACK! Suckers...
Ohh well this weekend I had Drill it was uneventful and boring... but it means I got to spend some time with my Old folks. They came down to Delaware and hung out until 11. Wayyy past this little girls bedtime on a Saturday night! Especially because I had to be up super early on Sunday for the 2nd day of my drill weekend. Phew. I was passed out before my mom sent me her -I'm home- text. We had a blast though. Mom and I went to the farmers market and cooked an awesome German dinner. All while Mr.B and my Dad worked on that HOLE in the wall project. All I've got to say is they better get used to it because I have a strange inkling that they will be working on the bedroom/office wall before they know it!
My Monday was spent doing house work and lounging around. I actually took a nap and it was wonderful. I am such a napper. I could close my eyes right now and be passed out in no time! Yesterday I also spent a good amount of time on the computer looking up healthy recipes. I am having a hard time finding some good ones with foods that I actually like! Its driving me up a wall. Anyone out there in bloggers land have any good recipes that aren't loaded with bacon (ohhh bacon I'd love you right now). ehhh.... Please share them!
Tomorrow I'm going to the Flower show!!! I will be posting pictures when I return

till then...

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