Monday, February 6, 2012

February 6th ALREADY!?

Holy cow batman! Its already the 6th of Feb and I've only written one post? Wow. Well let me catch you up. I actually tried 2 things from pintrest! I know I'm getting a little crazy here but here goes!

Redvelvet cheesecake swirl brownies source

Heart shape cuppycakes! Source

Well the Red Velvet Cheesecake swirl turned out delightful! I took half of it to my parents and it didn't last 2 days and the other half stayed with Mr.B and I - We nibbled until there was none left. For sure something I'd make again. Then Sunday for the Superbowl I made those heart cupcakes. I sorta maybe overfilled the cupcake liners and the hearts didn't look too heart like until I iced them. Though they were not the prettiest they still were delightful.

This weekend I cleaned my house from top to bottom! It felt so good to have no limited clutter everywhere! Though we have been in the house since August we still don't have a 'home' for everything. We still need things and we have a lot of work to do which I understand takes a while - but I just want to get pictures on the walls SO I really want to finish our bedroom and paint the living room. Our bedroom only needs the ceiling and molding painted bright white (until we decide its time to tear down the wall for our fancy french doors) and the living room needs nothing except for paint. If we do anything to it, it will only be cosmetic. So I think the next two days that I'm off I am going to head out to home depot and get a gallon of paint. Hopefully on Wednesday I will have some pictures to show ya.

In other news I need help. My oldest sisters 30th birthday is on the 19th and I want to take her out to do something. Any Philadelphians have a good idea? She isn't a partier like wanting to be at a club or anything but she likes to go out and have fun!

I'll leave you with this lovely - Oh P.S. picking JUST 100 pictures for our album is one of the hardest things EVER. Once I get them ordered I am going to head to sams club for a print fest with the rest of them...



  1. I LOVE red velvet and I LOVE cheesecake :) Heaven!

    1. They were AMAZING! I would make you some but I dont want to mess up your detox! Hows that going?

  2. There is so much to do in Philly. Lets see.... You could do a nice diner somewhere and go to the comedy club or go bowling at Lucky Strike. If you want a simple night I really liked the Barcade in Fishtown too.

    1. Yeah she isnt too much a partier. She likes the hole in the wall bars on FKD ave. We are trying to talk her into something fun, because I mean 30 is a pretty big bday. lol.