Wednesday, February 15, 2012

V-Day isnt just for lovin'

Its also for home remodeling... if your off work of course.

Valentines day. It was pretty amazing. I woke up at work & went directly to Fishtown. Where I get my good ole' taxes done. My tax man is pretty awesome anyone in the Philadelphia area looking for someone let me know! I have your guy. With the house and moving out of state I knew it was going to be a little more difficult this year but I made out pretty well. I owe DE which is stupid. Especially after only living there for 5 months and I owe them 500+$! So not only do I pay my property tax I also pay about 100$ a month in tax just to live in the state? Either way I did make out good so enough about that.

When I got home I woke up Mr.B. We exchanged gifts - here is what I got!!
A new heart bead (the shiny one not the one with horns)!! I also was gifted some pretty awesome roses, carnations a frog teddy and candies. Oh and one of the sweetest cards hes ever written. I got him a Philadelphia Union jersey - they just got a new 'kit' which means they changed all their uniforms - which really means I was out 80$ for a pretty blue jersey.
After our gift exchange we went to a diner for brunch. Once we got home we were on a painting whim. We painted and removed this ugly thing - The cast iron looking room divider. YUCK yuck yuck. It was so hard and left ugly marks in my nice wooden floors but we were able to fill them and they look like new. Here is another picture of it.... kind of looking through...

Which leads us to the wall between the kitchen & dining room that we came to a compromise on. We are going to make it a half wall/bar looking like a thing. But we are going to leave a column at the door frame so we don't have to re-wire any of the electric.
Here's how its looking mid-painting. We are painting both rooms the same color I call it yellow and Mr.B calls it goldishh with a bright white trim. We wanted to try to keep it continuous so the rooms would look bigger which I think is very well accomplished. Please don't mind the everything mess!

We have a few more hours of hard work and love to put into it... This weekend we are borrowing my Dads truck so we can make our final cosmetic purchase for it - wait for it... wait for it.... a chair rail! I am pretty excited. After all of our hard work painting I was ordered to go get a pedicure. While I was reluctant - yeah right I pretttty much ran out of the house Mr.B made me this fancy meal (as if I didn't already load you up with pictures... here are some more) My lovely dinner, a very lovely rose & my v-day pedicure!
&& after dinner we relaxed and watched Shriek!
Hope you all had a wonderful Valentines day!

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  1. Wow, sounds like you had a great Valentine's Day! Your pedi is very cute. :) And I bet your remodeling efforts are going to look fantastic -- I really like the goldenrod color you picked out for the walls.

    Our Valentine's Day was pretty nice, too. We went out to eat at my favorite restaurant that Sunday, since my husband's work schedule prevented us from celebrating on the 14th. On V-Day, I cooked breakfast for dinner -- waffles, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, and fresh fruit -- since we had already had our fancy meal.