Wednesday, February 15, 2012


& No I'm not talking about the performer.

I am so worn out! I cant begin to explain everything in detail but this past week has been a whirl wind. With stupid school kid drama, working on the house, getting my taxes done, the Internet at work being on the fritz & Valentines day! Whew.

I have a bit to catch you all up on! Today might be a multi post kinda day. Lets try to catch up a little shall we? Last week I actually posted on Monday and then Tuesday & Wednesday I was off from work & we all know I'm not usually one to post while I'm at home when there is always something that I want needs to get done. When I got into work on Thursday the internet was down! Now call me crazy but you shouldn't be allowed to put 15+ people in a building for 24 straight hours with out the internet. Okay well maybe you could. I have my phone which thankfully I have an unlimited data plan, but blogging from my phone just seems like a lot. So I didn't... Well Friday - lovely Friday. It was awful. I actually declared strike! I was home cleaning all day and taping (for paint) the living room then my wonderful Husband decided we were going to his friends birthday party. It was a good time - but open bar = drama. Or at least in my life it did this weekend. I am no angel & it wasn't a good night for me. To get the point across without getting into detail I ended up mad at the world. After a fiasco of a night I decided it was only right to call out of work on Saturday and I was off Sunday. Monday back at work the internet is still out of whack!!! When the internet is down at work I really don't want do ANYTHING other then read. So I guess its not too bad for the internet to be down every so often but twice in one week.. now that's pushin it. & that brings us to yesterday.. ... ..

And I will save that for another post.

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