Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I don't even look pregnant here!!! At another friends wedding on the 15th
· How far along are you? THIRTY THREE WEEKS!

· Total weight gain: 208.. Just now - at 7:24pm Wednesday night, right after a HUGE plate of pasta and garlic toast. I know last week I was also 208 and when I went to the DR the following morning I was 205. Like I said fluctuation. Its a vicious cycle.

*NOTE: I'm a person who worked my whole adulthood to maintain a weight/look, I've never been 'model thin' I love the curve of my muscles! Gym daily and I ate reasonable but I am here to tell you to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! I was told to continue to workout, which I tried. It is so difficult to go to the gym and not do the routine that you are used to. Or being looked at because your getting a belly. It is/was very difficult for me to walk into the gym with my (amazingly) in shape husband. So I walked, there are days where I WANT to and actually crave a walk. On days where I didn't want to and forced myself to walk I lazily went out on an adventure and it actually hurt to walk. My feet couldn't fit into sneakers, I got blisters, I couldn't drink enough water (I did carry a bottle with me) and I would be out of breath 5 minutes into it. Listen to your body ladies. Yes, I am going to have to start at square one when I am able to get back into the swing of the gym again, but ya know what? I am going to do it and it will be a challenge that I am completely excited about!*I've decided to keep this in these posts. I am not ashamed of my weight and I stand behind what I said last week. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! Only YOU know how you are feeling.

· Gender : Its a princess - Her name is Skyler Mae

· Maternity clothes: Maternity. I have a few tops that aren't that I still wear but they are getting uncomfortable and its getting chilly so I went and got a few things to try and hold me over till November.

· Stretch marks?: Nope. Thank you Lord!

· Wedding rings on or off?: Off & my fake one is getting tight!!

· Sleep: Is THE WORST EVER! I get maybe 2 hours before I wake up. Takes 30-60 minutes to fall back asleep. I am on the verge of taking Tylenol pm's 

· Best moment this week?: Humm.. Yesterday while I was at work my hubby was working in her room - he had a "super secret project" he was working on. He put in her book shelves and did a chalkboard frame thingy that looks so stinkin cute! I love it.

· Movement: She is SO active! It's an amazing feeling - except for when I feel like she is trying to break my ribs. That's not pleasant.

· Food cravings: Nothing really. I haven't felt satisfied after eating in a long while though. I swear she makes it so I cant finish a meal but then I eat every hour or so.

· Food aversions: None right now

· Labor signs: None. Other then a few braxton hicks and some

· Belly button in or out?: Its almost flat & feels SUPER funny.

· What I miss: My old self. lol I'm such a different person (some really good ways and others kinda painful ways)

· What I'm looking forward to: A few consignment sales coming up in my area!

· Milestone: 4 more weeks until Maternity leave starts!!!


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