Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Maternity Triage

So last week (Sunday) I spent some time in maternity triage at good ole' Christania Hospital. Let me start by saying I love my husband.
Once upon a time... Just kidding.
Last Sunday around 6 I was at work and I took a tumble down about 5/6 stairs at work. I work on a military base and most all of our stairs are those industrial metal ones that aren't fun to fall down - ever. When I say I took a tumble I mean I slid on my butt, it wasn't my belly and the only thing I hurt was my ass and my ego. Around 630 I try to call Mr.B and no answer I text him a few times, nothing. I knew he was at a BBQ with the guys from his shift so I wasn't going to pester him. I wasn't concerned with the tumble at all. It happens. I cant tell you how many times I walked into walls, or have fallen UP the steps these past 8 months! Anyway... I leave work early (I'm supposed to stay until 7am) and I head home, still unable to get a hold of Mr.B. I shower and head to bed...  9-930 I decide to give one last try and I finally get a hold of him and I tell him what happened. He's concerned and on his way home right away... Once he gets home he gets into bed behind me and leans on my butt. I COULD HAVE KILLED THAT MAN. I don't think he realized how sore I was at the time. He convinces me to give the on call number a ring, I leave a message at 10:02 (not concerned AT ALL, just sore and trying to please my worry wart husband) I am telling you exactly 5 minutes later 10:07 the Dr calls us back. She says because I'm further along then 31 weeks she would like me to come in and be monitored. I didn't even get off the phone Mr.B was up changing and brushing his teeth! I get into comfy clothes and clean undies to head out. Once there it takes about 10 minutes to do my nurse interview and get into a room. I was put on monitors - and left alone. Mr.B was so scared it was cute. I've never seen him act that way and I was so emotional - not because of the fall but seeing my husband act the way he was made my heart swell. Her heart rate was averaging around 150... a few times it was a little higher but nothing to be concerned with. The thing that scared me was the contraction monitor?! I was having contractions like crazy none were above a 6 (whatever that means on the monitor) but they were pretty frequent. The scary part was I couldn't feel them AL ALL. I know when I go into labor they will be the types of contractions I can FEEL. :) but it was scary to me that I was contracting and I didn't know it. We were discharged around 2 with instructions and told to take it easy, no bed rest all was well. The doc asked if I needed pain meds which I turned down (this girl does not do good with medicine unless its in an IV or someone is standing there telling me to take it). I was pretty sore for the next few days and now my butt is pretty much back to normal.
Anyone else ever have to go in for monitoring? Please ladies I want stories! I am SO ready for this little bean to come out. October 13th (I'll be 37 weeks) she is allowed out to play and if shes not out by November 3rd (my due date) She is grounded for life.

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