Monday, December 26, 2011

The day after...

Merry Belated Christmas!!

Sorry I didn't post yesterday! I had every intention to but I really had no idea what I was getting myself into when I decided to cook Christmas dinner for my family! Lets say without my mother we would have been eating at 8pm and the night may have ended with me in tears. But because of her things went smoothly. Next year I think I will plan it out a little better... Here are some pictures of our fab. meal
 Turkey (for my Dad) & a delish Ham
Famous Taco Dip + Peanutbutter balls & Deviled eggs 
 Side dishes
My Momma & Myself!

At the end of the night it was a great meal! It was a great day! I enjoyed it with my family, brother - in law & a few friends.

I was a spoiled girl yesterday. Between my hubby & family & friends I got so many presents! My most treasured gift from yesterday was from my hubby. Its one of those Pandora type bracelets. I adore it. He put lots of thought and love into picking the beads and I can not wait until our next holiday to see if I get more beads :) The blue(ish) and green (ish) are blingy though the picture really doesn't do it justice. They are our birthstones (December and Aug). The American flag & then the heart with devil horns and a tail.

How did you spend your holiday? Did you get an amazing meaningful gift?

Till next time

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