Saturday, December 31, 2011

The End...

Of 2011!! Its a little after 3pm on the east coast and I am sitting in my bunk room at work. I do the 24hr shift thing so tonight the only thing I'm kissin is my pillow! Though  my thoughtful hunny made me promise not to kiss the dogs when I get home in the morning so he can still be my first kiss of the New year. Hes a sweetie when he wants to be.

My year in review...
January: Mr.B and I were getting ready for his deployment and I was working a crap ton of Overtime
February: We were both in the early stages of wedding planning and we just had started looking for houses
March: Mr.B deployed :(

April-July: House hunted like a mad woman - Transferred bases - lost of skype dates - lots girls nights
Lost 20Lbs!
August: I closed on the house!!! Lots of painting and traveling from PA- NJ - DE

September: Bridal shower - lots of house work
October: My hunny came home!!

November: Mr.B & I got married :) 1st cruise honeymoon

December: My birthday, Moms birthday, 1st Christmas as a married woman & first in our home!

Welp! I had an amazing - packed year! Heres to next year!


  1. They deployed in May silly. :-)

  2. Your RIGHT! What was I thinking, See thats how stupid crazy 2011 was I got my M months mixed up.