Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fitness Goals...

Lets be honest... I always set these HUGE goals and I wait and wait until I almost hit my deadline then I crash diet or promise myself I wont eat out until I meet my goal. I usually meet my goal but then In a few months or "rewarding" myself I gain it all back. So this new goal is how I am going to work on myself to make it a little more bearable & realistic...Boosting myself up a little - I feel like I am in "okay" shape. I am the girl at the gym that lifts weights AND does cardio. I am a career firefighter so weight training is a huge part of my routine. I do not feel like I am fat, though I for sure have room for improvement. I feel like I want to tone up and by losing the 15 pounds I think that it will hit the nail on the head & help me become more comfortable in my own skin.
I know that working out isn't the only thing I need to do to achieve my goal - its the eating part. Which is usually where I fail miserably. My personal goal is to limit myself to eating out once a week, and eliminating soda totally. I know there are extreme diets where cutting out carbs and drinking green shakes work but not for this gal. Though I am going to limit my intake of white breads and rice, and stick to whole wheat's.

So here is! GOAL: Lose FIVE (5) pounds a month... for the months of January/February & March. If at that time I am happy with it then I will just maintain or I can reevaluate and maybe lose some more.

Can anyone else relate to my weight loss issue? Any tips advice?

Till next time,

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