Sunday, December 18, 2011

Let me introduce myself...

Well this is odd... writing about myself to no one! Here goes - My name is Christine, I'm a newlywed (11.11.11) and a new home owner (08.16.11) & I love DIY and house projects. I am working on myself, realizing its about my husband and I now. I am on a fitness journey hoping to achieve my goals.

I wrote this a super long time ago and had it posted on my facebook. I changed it up a little bit to reflect the changed times but I think its good for here without telling you all (who am I kidding I don't have followers yet) my life story just yet...

I’m brutally honest.
You might not like what I have to say.
I’m overly sensitive.
Especially things that I am passionate about.
I trust too easily. My fault.
It takes me awhile to truly open up.
I believe in second chances...not thirds.
So please don’t mess up more then once.
I value your friendship. I hope you Value mine.
I’m a free spirit trapped in a world of order…

I’m going to break free eventually.
I'll do or try anything once,

especially when you tell me I won't or can’t
Except sushi.
I (used to) like the guys you're not supposed to.
...they spit, aren't afraid to get dirty & will probably break your heart.
I’m a nice girl.
(stuck in a mean world)
But people use it against me.
I get jealous easily...but try to keep it to myself.
I give great advice...that I never take.
Maybe I should start.
I swear I have good intentions...
I say a lot of things the wrong way & I’m sorry for that.
I like to drink more than I should, I’m working on it.(
Great success)
I have fun, Its just what I do.
I love to drive around and sing at the top of my lungs.
(or with who ever is in the car)
I dance around by myself…in my underwear.
I sleep in my underwear too. (only with my husband)
I lead with my heart...its going pay off ONE day.
Hopefully soon.
When I Love - I love with ALL of me.
I have big goals for my future...wish me luck.
Your goals = My Goals.
I believe if you can’t get someone out of your head…
..Maybe they belong there.
(he does)
I think laughing is just as necessary as breathing.
 Most people forget that.
I’m here to help you remember.
I've learned a lot from unlikely sources.
Very unlikely.
I consider myself a good person.
I hope you do too.

I want a house with a pool
& a white picket fence with a big yard.
I want to be able to walk to the beach.
I want Sunday family dinners
Two dogs in the back yard
(we've got three)
A kid or Two Maybe
Someone who cant go a day without thinking about me.
A shoulder for me to cry on
Someone who’s goal is to make me smile.
My goal will be to make you smile as well.
I want to smile for no reason.
Worry every time you walk out the door.
& I would be proud to call you mine.
A kiss on the forehead & I know everything will be okay
Someone who will let me fall asleep in their arms. EVERY night.
I want a best friend & soul mate.
Finally someone who will tell me they Love me and mean it.
( I've found him ...Mr.B )

Till next time...

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