Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A little late..28 weeks & Sometimes & Always

Sometimes: Time flies SO darn fast. I lose track of everything
Always: Thankful the November is coming up so I can meet this little kicker in my belly

Sometimes: I feel like I nag my husband to death
Always: Feel better when my nagging turns into do'ing so I know he actually listens to me while I nag (LOVE YOU BABY) 

Sometimes: I absolutely HATE to clean and I feel like I do it EVERY dang day!
Always: Would much have a clean house than a crappy dirty house. 

Sometimes: I get the urge to job hunt
Always: Remember time is ticking down and I NEED to try to find something ASAP before my maternity leave will be up

· How far along are you? 28 WEEKS!!! 
· Total weight gain: I am at 199 as of yesterday morning. I know WAY more then my Dr. recommended. It is SO HARD to try to stay on track with weight gain. I really do not feel like I am over eating (at all). I eat when I am hungry and I don't always reach for sweets. I have actually been crazing Mangos and Pineapple lately. 
· Gender : Female - Her name is Skyler Mae
· Maternity clothes: Tons of dresses & stretchy shorts. My tank tops are getting shorter.. pretty soon they will be belly shirts. 
· Stretch marks?: Nope none yet. 

· Wedding rings on or off?: I have my fakey that I wearing still. 

· Sleep: Has been AWFUL. I have sciatic nerve pain (is that what ya call it?). My shoulders are so sore from sleeping on my side. I try to switch from left to right nightly so I can at least give them a rest. Hubsters have been good about massaging my back though. 

· Best moment this week?: Hubs felt her move on Sunday (the 12th)!! We were cuddling on the couch and she was moving... really big movements.. I grabbed his hand and put it on my belly she wailed on him! He was a bit creeped out but it was a good feeling to finally have him feel her. + Tomorrow is our 3D/4D ultrasound!! I am so excited!

· Movement: A TON! 

· Food cravings: Sweets & Fruit

· Food aversions: None right now

· Labor signs: None other then a few occasional braxton hicks. I have also been having lower abdomen pain. Like right above my pelvic bone.

· Belly button in or out?: In. Hopefully it stays that way.
· What I miss: Being able to enjoy the summer & having a glass of wine.
· What I'm looking forward to: The 3D/4D ultrasound. & in 2 weeks we are having the baby shower :)

· Milestone: Defiantly her Daddy feeling her for the first time. I think it also help us (him and I) connect better as a couple and as parents 

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  1. It's so sweet when they feel them move for the first time.