Saturday, August 25, 2012

Operation Shower

A few months ago I received an email from the squadron that I work if any first time mom would be interested in attending an event called Operation Shower... So because I am a dork researcher before responding to the email I quickly did a Google search. When I saw the website I knew right away I wanted to be apart of it. If I wasn't going to go to the shower, I was going to try (in the future after Skyler is born) to donate. There was a lot of back and forth with the squadron, finally I was able to get in touch with one of the event organizers via their facebook

Leading up to the event Mr.B & I made plans to go to Long Beach NY so we made it into a little "babymoon" it was so wonderful. We walked Long Beaches Nautical Mile, we ate (disgusting microwaved food) at Ottos (on the Nautical Mile), we had ice cream then went and played miniature golf. The following day we headed up to the Barclays. The Barclays is supposed to be one of the hardest golf courses around. They were hosting military appreciation day. Mr.B watched the golfers while I spent the day at the shower. 

When entering you were able to enter a raffle for crib bedding by carousel design. Of course I did! We ate food provided by whole foods. Then the fun started. There were several speakers including Melissa Joan Heart who is currently expecting her THIRD child! They started raffling off items first was the Wonder Bug activity center - well what do you know EVERY MOM received one! Then there was the bedding raffle. There was a boys/girls/neutral raffle and guess what? I WON THE GIRLS!!  It matches Skylers nursery colors perfectly. It couldn't have worked better... now we have two sets which is great since we didn't register for any extra bedding. 

Made in the USA by Carousel Designs
After the initial raffles we were ALL given HUGE boxes filled with goodies...  

I took this in Sklyers nursery :)
The box on the left is the box that was filled with goodies, HUGE right? I am sure I am going to miss things but let me try to name some of the items that were given - for free - to all the moms (each box was gender specific and age specific they asked us in advance what we were having and when we were due)  
  • Moby Wrap
  • Two winter newborn outfits
  • Disney onsies SIX total (so soft)
  • LOTS of books - for mom and baby
  • Build a Bear white teddy 
  • A Diaper bag by Petunia Picklebottom (which I ADORE) 
  • A book titled Sh*tty Mom (LOVE IT - the Author was there and personally gave out her books)
  • A book titled Plan a Party (I love parties! This author was also there! )
  • ANOTHER set of sheets and a crib blanket from Carousel Designs
  • A pair of shoes
  • A tether
  • Wipes
  • A memory book (to put photos for the baby to remember faces) 
  • A baby Brag photo album 
  • A MUM pacifier and bottle
  • An Operation Shower sippy cup
  • The coolest sunglasses
  • Johnston & Johnston body wash
  • Hand knitted hat and bib along with a few other onsies, bibs, towel and receiving blanket
  • (Not Pictured) A Baby's 1st birthday starter kit!
That is pretty much all I can see. I cried when I opened the box. I was so overwhelmed and filled with gratitude. It was amazing.... but that wasnt all. After a few minutes they started raffling off items again. Custom bedding and a crib were given away by Carousel Designs! A Ryder wagon was raffled off, a beautiful watch was raffled. Then they raffled off a bracelet (which I am sad I dont have a photo of and I dont remember the name of the company I will try to remember to update this) EVERYONE got one! There was a Tree of Life on it. I thought it was so symbolic to have all these women who were pregnant (or who had given birth only weeks prior to the event). Then There was a Mclaren Trimuph Stroller raffle - they called number 45, noone had it so OBVIOUSLY that meant EVERYONE got one! CRAZY!? Tears again. The next item was a Britax Marathon 70 Car seat - which you guessed it EVERYONE got one! 
Babies R Us
Babies R Us

After the shower we participated in a military ceremony. I was told because parking was SO far they would mail our goodies to us. Well wouldn't you know yesterday (Friday) I get home to FOUR boxes on my front stoop! Yes. 2 day turn around. So quick. I can not express how much everything meant to me, how filled with gratitude and thanks I am to the people who donated and put together this event. Operation Shower - an amazing organization and I am so lucky that they have touched my life. I still think about it and get chills all the mothers there had smiles from ear to ear. I can not say enough how amazing it all was. Everyone should go check them out... 

** A link on FB from a photographerElizabeth Mascali - An Author who donated the party book! **

Sorry for the long post!


p.s. tomorrow is my baby shower with friends & family I CAN NOT WAIIIIIT!!!

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  1. WOW!! Y'all got so many goodies!!! How exciting!!!!!